Chicago Bears Classic: Edinger Knocks the Lions Out of the Playoffs (2000)

| June 9th, 2021

This has been a fun series of posts so they will continue. Again, the series will not include any games from good seasons. These are are classic games from otherwise forgettable campaigns. Watch the below highlights and marvel.

  • How good NFL Primetime was on ESPN with Berman and TJ? For an out of state Bears fan, this was the most important TV program of my youth, with the possible exception of ALF.
  • R.W. McQuarters made a lot of plays as a Bear. He’s becoming a running theme in these videos.
  • Stoney Case?
  • Baby Brian Urlacher?
  • I had completely forgotten that Marlon Barnes existed. And all I thought watching him run was, “Man, the NFL has gotten a lot faster.”
  • The Detroit News published a a terrific piece in 2019 titled, Paul Edinger’s Christmas Eve 2000 kick helped change course of Lions history. In it’s early paragraphs: “…it’s undeniable that Paul Edinger’s 54-yard boot to end the Detroit Lions season sent the franchise into a tailspin like no one could have imagined.”

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