Justin Fields Has His Breakout Game (But Bears Just Aren’t Good Enough Elsewhere)

| November 1st, 2021


Without Matt Nagy,

Bears try to save their season.

On number one’s back.

Quarter One

Deebo cannot catch.

Slye, one for two from distance.

Snoozer tied at three!

Additional points:

  • Soldier Field turf is an absolute embarrassment. I hate the Arlington Heights move but if the city can’t maintain grass, what’s the point?
  • Robert Quinn remains the team MVP.
  • Two big drive-killing penalties from James Daniels can’t happen. He’s supposed to be the team’s best offensive lineman.
  • Justin Fields looks far more comfortable running the offense when he’s not being harassed on every snap. (He looked a bit “happy feet” early but that’s settling down.)

Quarter Two

Fields rolls to his left,

His eyes see him, “The Outlaw”

Touchdown. Touchdown, Bears.

Additional points:

  • Ryan Pace has done a nice job building a rotation on the inside of the defensive line. Both Tonga and Blackson are players. But the team’s pass rush can’t hold up when there is an elite left tackle on Quinn and no Khalil Mack.
  • The drops have been a serious issue for the Niners all season. They have three critical ones in the first half of this game already.
  • Two ineligible men downfield in a half? I’m not sure I’ve seen that before.
  • Khalil Herbert is 100% a starting running back in this league. (And he’s going to keep the Bears from paying Montgomery.)
  • Third down and short and Lazor dials up a designed swing screen. Don’t take the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in spots like that. His legs are a serious weapon.
  • The Bears only have one corner and no pass rush, sans Mack. The bomb to Deebo to end the half isn’t surprising. What will be surprising is if the Niners don’t try a ton more of it in the second half.
  • It has become very apparent the Bears don’t have a top wide receiver. They have a pair of second options but they don’t have anyone capable of being the centerpiece of an offense. They need that if they want to play modern football.

Bears 13, Niners 9

Quarter Three

Third down and nineteen.

Why not try the tunnel screen?

A quick eighty yards.

Additional points:

  • Fred Warner is a menace in the middle of the field.
  • Bosa v. Mustipher has Tyson v. Everybody in the late 80s/early 90s vibes.
  • Why is Cole Kmet trying to make one-handed catches in the end zone?
  • Deebo goes 84 yards for a TD on a tunnel screen. I mean, how does that happen against a professional defense?
  • Jaylon Johnson with a brilliant pass defended in the end zone. (Then the Niners score.)
  • Does Grant really have carte blanche to return kickoffs from nine yards deep? Because he absolutely should not.
  • The Bears lack of pass rush is becoming the definitive factor in this game. Jimmy G. simply has all day to throw the ball and a receiver in Deebo that knows how to get open.

Quarter Four

It was fourth and one.

It was a chance for greatness.

And greatness arrived.

Additional thoughts:

  • No need to go deep on the defense. Without a serious pass rush, this is a bad unit. And they’ve been that now for two straight weeks.
  • Garbage Time Alert!

Final Thoughts

Justin Fields was terrific. But the Bears are now destined for six (max seven) wins because they’re not good enough ANYWHERE ELSE on the roster.

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