Giants at Bears Game Preview, Volume II: The Dinner that Wasn’t with JD, Giants Can’t Score, Two in a Row?!?!

| December 31st, 2021

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

And why not? There are only two game left. Might as well enjoy them.

On the Passing of Jeff Dickerson

So…true story.

A few years ago, when the Bears were in NJ to play the Giants, I told Jahns I would book a dinner. A good steakhouse downtown. I also told him to invite the other beats. (As long as Haugh wasn’t on that list, I knew it was fine.) I have good relationships with Fishbain, Finley, etc. so I didn’t think we’d have an issue. We’d eat good food, drink a bunch, and bitch about the Bears. Maybe I’d even pick up the tab for the pricks.

I get a text from Adam a few days before the planned dinner. It more or less said, “What did you write about JD?”

Dickerson, when hearing of my involvement, balked at the idea. Apparently, he did not take kindly to some of the things I had written about his work over the years and viewed me as a toxic figure. (I mean, I am toxic, but that’s just because my blood is about 3% Coors Banquet.) I couldn’t find the things I had written, and neither could Adam, but I also didn’t challenge the notion. When the bulk of Bears media went to the digital realm, this space became a sort of ombudsman for them. It was no longer about calling a radio station or sending a letter to complain a column. I could copy and paste large chunks of text and directly refute ideas. Some didn’t mind. Some really did. (I’ve stopped doing that primarily because I’ve stopped reading just about everyone but Jahns.)

Anyway, I made it easy on Jahns and extricated myself from the situation. I didn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.

Later that night, Adam brought a few of the boys down to Josie Woods to watch Northwestern play the Big Ten title game. A good time was had by all, except JD. He didn’t come.

After reading the beautiful remembrances of his life this week, I wish that week had gone differently. I wish I’d reached out to him and apologized for whatever upset him and I wish we could have split the candied bacon at Strip House. I think he would have liked me. I know I would have liked it.


The GoFundMe started for his poor son, a kid who has lost both parents to cancer in two years, is now (through the incredible work of Adam Schefter) approaching nearly a million dollars in donations. If you can give a few bucks, do so.

The Only New York Giant Stat/Fact That Matters

They can’t score.

Their last six games: 10 points vs. Tampa, 13 vs. Philly, 9 vs. Miami, 21 (!) for Los Angeles Chargers, 6 vs. Dallas and 10 vs. Philly. They are averaging 11.5 points a game over this period and some of these points actually came in garbage time. (I know, I’ve been gambling against them weekly.) Over these six weeks the Giants are three point worse than the Jags have been all season.

On the road, against this Bears pass rush, with the combination of Glennon and Fromm at quarterback, the Giants aren’t likely to improve upon these numbers.

Tweet of the Week

I had always associated the late, great John Madden with having a mocking tone when it came to concussions in the NFL. (Some of his funniest commentary involved smelling salts.) It was great to see this earlier in the week. RIP to one of the four most important people in the history of the NFL.

Week 17 Gambling Guide

(All spreads come from the good folks at DraftKings Sportsbook.)

Line of the Week

  • Houston +12 over San Francisco
    • Rookie quarterbacks making their first start shouldn’t be laying a dozen points. And that especially goes for a rookie quarterback making their first start against a feisty Texans team being coached very well on the defensive side by Lovie Smith.

Over/Under of the Week

  • Detroit at Seattle, over 42.5
    • The Lions can move the ball, especially with Jared Goff expected to return to the lineup. The Seahawks can move the ball; the Bears saw that this week. This strikes me as a game that could actually be pretty entertaining and end up in the 31-24 range.

The Money Line Parlay

  • Bucs over Jets, Pats over Jags, Bills over Falcons, Saints over Panthers, Niners over Texans (+119)
    • $100 wins $219 and you’re simply doing the prudent thing at this point in the season and banking on the teams that NEED their games.

Game Prediction

There is a lot of motivation on the defensive side of the ball for the Bears, with Roquan Smith feeling slighted, Thomas Graham trying to prove he belongs, Akiem Hicks wanting to earn another contract and Robert Quinn attempting to set records. (And don’t sleep on the fact that Sean Desai is likely to be looking for work in a few weeks as well.) This feels like a game this unit dominates.

Chicago Bears 22, New York Giants 10

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