Welcome to the Justin Fields YouTube Rabbit Hole!

| May 7th, 2021

Found myself down the Justin Fields YouTube rabbit hole yesterday so I thought I’d share that here today.

Nate Tice with Hoge & Jahns.

Two thoughts:

  • This is just really solid analysis of Fields, on-field. And it should give every Bears fan hope that the organization may have finally gotten the position right.
  • Tice’s podcast with Robert Mays for The Athletic is some of the best football conversation you’ll hear. These guys know all 32 rosters pretty damn well. It’ll make you a smarter fan and it’s now the SECOND football podcast to enter my podcast rotation. (The sport now trails golf 9-2.)

Fields at the Facility.

There’s just something different about how this kid carries himself. He walks around like a star. And I believe you need that to success at quarterback.

Willie McGinest Waxes Poetic.

I don’t know if Willie know what the hell he’s talking about. But I still listened.

Fields with Waddle & Silvy.

This was the first interview of his I listened to and it was eye opening. Hell of an introduction to the Chicago audience for the kid.

Fields and Ryan Day with Mark Sanchez.

I didn’t even know Sanchez had a show but I think it’s safe to assume EVERYONE has a show now. Day has been singing the praises of Fields across the media landscape for the last few weeks and this sit down is worth your time.

The Clemson Game.

I wasn’t entirely sure about what kind of player Fields and then I remember watching this game and thinking, “Yea, this kid is going to be successful at the next level.” (The first thing the Bears have to coach out of Fields is propensity to run INTO contact. Even in the highlight package below he takes 2-3 hits that he doesn’t have to take. Can’t do that in the NFL and survive.)

I’ll stop there. But needless to say, there are plenty of reasons to be excited these days.

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