Random Thoughts from Around the NFL (Mostly About Quarterbacks)

| November 30th, 2021

Feels like the big-ticket Bears items have been thoroughly discussed. So today, DBB takes a look around the NFL. (I’ll be writing more about my idol, the legendary Stephen Sondheim, in this week’s game preview.)

  • What are the Vikings going to do? Kirk Cousins is just good enough to keep you “in the hunt” and not good enough to win a big game/title. How much more evidence do they need? That organization needs to detonate this current program and build everything around Justin Jefferson.
  • Can Jalen Hurts become a professional passer? Because right now, he’s not close. That’s not to say the Eagles can’t win with him playing quarterback but they’re going to need a diet version of what Baltimore is doing. He’s physical. He’s got the leadership qualities you want. But that arm is backup level stuff.
  • Denver shouldn’t fire Vic Fangio. They should get him a quarterback.
  • Buffalo vs. New England on Monday Night Football is the game of the year, and it’s the most important regular season game for the Bills since the 1990s. They need to win. They need to kill the demon that has haunted them for two decades. And they need their quarterback to rise to the moment.
  • Justin Herbert is quietly not having a particularly good second season. He was bad Sunday in Denver and bad in three of his previous five games. He’s a special talent and the stats will always be there, but there are some red flags popping up.
  • Shad Khan has a lot invested in Urban Meyer but what the hell is going on in Jacksonville? There’s not one positive thing in that program, including Trevor Lawrence looking beyond ordinary. Meyer has always had the best players on the field because he’s a shady recruiter. That will never be the case in Jax.
  • Carson Wentz is capable of being a great quarterback for about two and a half quarters.

  • Anybody notice that Jimmy Garoppolo is having a brilliant season all of a sudden? He’s going to be a starter in the league next and without any frontline QBs in the draft, he’s going to make good money to do so.
  • Cam Newton can’t play anymore.
  • Ben Roethlisberger can’t either. At least not for 17 games.
  • Dolphins received a lot of criticism for their Jaylen Waddle trade-up but he’s a great player and they’d make that trade again in a second. Draft capital is all well and good if you can convert that capital into players like Waddle.
  • Lincoln Riley received a ton of interest from the NFL last year but the bloom had come off that rose and Riley knew it.
  • Top five in sacks: Myles Garrett, TJ Watt, Matthew Judon, Robert Quinn, Nick Bosa.
  • What if Belichick wins the Super Bowl with a rookie QB? I would argue it as the greatest achievement in the history of the sport. Josh McDaniels is the best play caller in the league.
  • You want to know who the league MVP is this season? Cordarrelle Patterson. The Falcons rely upon Patterson for everything and without his contributions they’d have about two wins.
  • Seattle’s John Schneider approved a trade of Russell Wilson to the Bears for a boatload of picks. It would have allowed the Seahawks to restart their clock. It was vetoed by Pete Carroll. Now they’re facing a lost season and it’ll only be a matter of time before Schneider blames Carroll for the state of the organization.

It’s the craziest the league has been in a long time. But it’s shaping up for the same old finish, with either Tom Brady or Bill Belichick hoisting the Lombardi in Los Angeles.

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