Super Bowl Prediction Fifty-Six Prediction

| September 6th, 2021

Last season, DBB nailed the preseason Super Bowl prediction for the first time in our history. The excitement at our headquarters was palpable; the laudits many. The key to the city of Pasadena was an unnecessary thrill.

This season we seek to repeat that historic achievement. Three questions.

(1) What teams have the big-game quarterback?

(2) What teams have the kind of division that will escort them into the top seed?

(3) What teams have a pass rush capable of taking over in January?


  • Forget the East, though I think Washington‘s defense against that Dallas offense is fascinating when it comes to picking a division winner.
  • In the West, I have loved Los Angeles all off-season but are any of the teams in that division getting to 12 wins? (In my gambling life, I’m hard-fading Arizona. I think they’re the worst coached team in the league and that situation feels combustible.)
  • I’m really excited to watch the NFC South but I don’t think New Orleans has enough firepower to contain Tampa Bay and the other two don’t have enough defense.
  • I couldn’t be less excited to watch the NFC North. It’s going to be a Green Bay runaway. Detroit might be the worst team in the league. Chicago is starting Andy Dalton. Minnesota will inevitably lose half that roster to Covid issues, because their quarterbacks room is Nutjob Central.

Sorry, folks, Green Bay. 


  • In the East, it’s Buffalo’s division. This has to be their year. I don’t think it’s a cakewalk – both New England and Miami should be wildcard challengers – but if the Bills are as good as they should be, neither should pose a proper threat.
  • In the West, it’s Kansas City‘s division. And it’ll remain that way until Mahomes leaves. But I think Teddy Bridgewater will stabilize things in Denver and we know how good Justin Herbert is in Los Angeles. There are a few more losses on that Chiefs schedule than in years previous.
  • Is Pittsburgh‘s offensive line good enough? Can Baltimore win a football game from behind with that passing attack? Can Cleveland excommunicate generations of bad dreams? The AFC North is all questions for me and very few answers.
  • Forget the South. Tennessee is going to waltz into the postseason but how is that defense going to win three playoff games?

Can’t escape it. Buffalo.

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