Three (Super) Quick Thoughts on Carson Wentz

| February 10th, 2021

(1) Are the Bears interested? Yes. But they are not interested at any of the rumored prices. Philly has not been offered a first rounder by ANY team and has not received a formal offer from the Bears AT ALL.

(2) Philly’s play here was simple. They decided to use Adam Schefter to pretend a deal was imminent and then use some of their local media to float potential packages. (The one that had the Bears giving up a first AND Tarik Cohen – who is far better than Wentz – was my favorite.) They had hoped this would create a bidding war between interested parties. It achieved the opposite.

(3) Would Wentz be an upgrade at QB for the Bears? That’s not a guarantee. And because it’s not a guarantee the Bears have to value him accordingly. If they ultimately consider a first rounder, a second or third has to return. There is no way to argue 2020 Wentz is worth even that much. The Bears, or Colts, would still be paying for the player that was, not the player that currently is.