Training Camp Diary: Feisty Practice, Ferocious Defense, Forecasting the Preseason Opener

| August 13th, 2021

Thursday was apparently a feisty practice throughout, which is actually nice to see. I don’t know why every team in the league doesn’t orchestra more of these joint practices. They are so much more valuable than in-house scrimmages.

Another day, another Fields gem. Why would any team leave a talent like this on the bench?

Bears corners have been good so far this summer, and the defense is playing healthy and fast across the board.

Is There Anything to Watch Tomorrow?

The truth is, who knows?

With the offensive line still struggling to get on the field, it’s unlikely Matt Nagy and the staff are going to ask either of their quarterbacks to do too much. And while Nagy has said he’ll be playing his starters more this preseason, I’m not sure this game is part of that conversation. The Bears don’t play a real game for a month. It’s hard to argue this exhibition will prepare them for anything.

But I’d look at a few things in the early going.

  • Who do the Bears start at their corner spots, including inside?
  • Who is back on kick and punt returns?
  • Nagy suggested on Thursday that Fields will play into the second half. He’ll be protected by backups and throwing to backups and playing against backups. Does this really help the evaluative process? Hopefully the kid just lights up the field and makes it impossible for the staff not to make the change.
  • Folks keep asking me about the likelihood of Danny Trevathan being cut. And while there hasn’t be rumblings about that happening, the Bears suddenly find themselves deep at the position. Christian “Cheese” Jones was brought in to be a contributor. Alec Ogletree has been arguably the best player in camp this summer. Leave it to this organization to find themselves four deep at inside linebacker in today’s NFL.

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