Training Camp Diary: A Series of Summarizing Tweets!

| July 30th, 2021

My rule with injuries over the summer: none of them matter until mid-August. But Jenkins needs to get on the practice field.

Somehow, a vaccine became political. Because we’re a fundamentally stupid country. From a football standpoint, this is great news.

Andy Dalton is not a great player. But he is a professional quarterback. And I just don’t see him pulling a Glennon or Nate Peterman and being so bad the organization is forced to play the young kid. Fields will play, and likely by midseason, but it won’t be because Dalton fails.

I refuse to believe Scooter Harrington is a football player and not a character on Happy Days.

A few other thoughts:

  • Robert Quinn was mentioned more today by folks on the scene than the entirety of last summer combined. The more he’s mentioned in the coming weeks, the more excited fans should get about the 2021 defense.
  • Jaylon Johnson hobbled off briefly but returned to the field. The best corner on this roster has a serious injury history and the team can’t afford him to be off the field for any prolonged period of time.
  • Scooter Harrington sounds like the nickname James Carville would give someone named Steve Higgins.

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