After the Craziest Few Weeks in NFL Off-Season History, Updated Division/Title Odds

| March 28th, 2022

I’m posting these to DBB because over the course of the season, I find myself constantly searching out data like this. Figure it’s easier to store right here on the site. 


Packers -175

Vikings +275

Bears +750

Lions +1200

Thought: Green Bay actually feels a bit undervalued at that number. Barring a Rodgers injury, they are winning the division.


Cowboys -115

Eagles +350

Commanders +400

Giants +650

Thought: The Giants have near identical odds to win their division as the Raiders do to win theirs. Just shows you how awful this division looks to be on paper. If the Cowboys weren’t such a national entity, they’d have plus odds.


Bucs -280

Saints +450

Falcons +1000

Panthers +1100

Thought: What is there to say? On paper, this is the greatest divisional mismatch in the sport. It is Tom Brady vs. three teams that struck out on Deshaun Watson.


Rams +160

Niners +195

Cardinals +325

Seahawks +1300

Thought: San Francisco is the team I’m most wary of at this stage because Trey Lance absolutely disappeared in 2021. (They had packages for him early in the year.) Is he going to be ready to be the starting quarterback in 2022? Has the bridge been burned with Jimmy G? Too many questions for odds like that.


Browns +175

Bengals +200

Ravens +225

Steelers +850

Thought: Deshaun. Watson. 


Bills -190

Dolphins +400

Patriots +400

Jets +2500

Thought: Miami’s odds were virtually unchanged after the acquisitions of Armstead and Hill. Proves again that Vegas is skeptical of the quarterback, and they should be. Pats are the value here.


Colts +110

Titans +130

Jaguars +650

Texans +2200

Thought: The Matt Ryan acquisition shifted Indy into the favored position, but only slightly ahead of Tennessee. But I’ll float a few dollars on Doug Pederson turning things around quickly in Jax.


Chiefs +160

Chargers +250

Broncos +250

Raiders +600

Thought: The best division in the sport and all four teams are live to win it. The Raiders are undervalued here. I don’t see a substantial gap between any of the four. 


Bill +650

Bucs +750

Chiefs, Packers +900

Rams +1100

Niners, Broncos +1500

Cowboys, Chargers +1600

Browns +1700

Bengals, Colts +2000

Ravens, Cardinals +2200

Titans +2800

Dolphins +3000

Vikings, Patriots, Raiders +4000

Eagles +4500

Saints +5000

Commanders +6000

Steelers +6500

Giants, Falcons, Jaguars, Panthers, Seahawks, Bears +10000

Lions +15000

Texans, Jets +20000

Thought: If you’re looking for a value bet at this stage, I think you’re looking to the group at +4000, specifically the Pats and the Raiders. 

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