As “Legal Tampering” Begins, Twitter Fans Have Their Preferred Targets

| March 14th, 2022

Here are the targets of choice, from Twitter followers of DBB:

From @JMora88:

DJ Chark is Big

DJ Chark is Very Fast

DJ Chark is Young

From @ExecCoachChris:

Kmet ain’t enough

Mo-Alie Cox: sneaky good!

And it’s fun to say

From @dieselDC3:

If I’m getting creative, I’m staying away from FA and making minor moves to get guys like Miles Boykin, Denzel Mims, Andy Isabella and Scott Miller. These guys all fit profiles that work in the Getsy offense and could be nearly free. They also are free to cut.

From @JDBrownWrites:

As much as I think we should prioritize offensive spending, if we think we have a great chance to use both second rounders on WR/OL, then I would say Charvarius Ward. We desperately need CB help and he probably won’t break the bank.

From @lstanczyksports:

JuJu: it would help Justin’s intermediate game to have a really good slot guy. While JuJu has injury history, we know he’s a really productive slot guy when he’s out there. Could be someone you get on a prove-it deal, and if he stays healthy and gels with JF, he can stick around

From @EBnFlusB3rD0wn:

UFA – Christian Kirk Slot Wr. Explosive slot Wr, can stretch the field, underneath routes, out routes, can take a slat to the house as well as fade routes, takes hits underneath and holds on to the ball (1 Career fumble), 25 will grow with JF1.

From @JerradWyche:

Justin Reid. I think he compliments Bojack well and is a solid fit in Eberflus’ system with his range and experience.

From @aYoung_24:

I’d really like them to go get someone like Ryan Jensen. I feel that he’ll not only protect JF, but he’ll also be able to teach the young guys on the team a lot of different things based on his experience.

A conversation! Between @HopLegion1:

Joe Noteboom – talented young olineman, less expensive and younger than other options, positional flexibility, potential LT. Can get into camp and really let your staff watch Jenkins, Borom, Noteboom, and a draft pick and find their best position.

And @BearsRyman:

I like this if you can get him on a multi year deal.. best case you have several years of LT at ~10 a year. Worst case you release him after a couple years

From @scuba414:

Brian Allen. Big upgrade at center with experience in a zone run scheme. Younger guy who can grow with Fields. Oh… and he gets to play for his hometown team!!

A second from @DhruvKoul:

Mustipher ain’t it

Brian Allen fits better

Would be great for CHI

From @GMack7991:

Tim settle could be our next Akiem Hicks; young, athletic 3-tech with hunger too prove himself worthy of a big contract

From @JoeyPinkert:

Terron Armstead. In the words of Olin Kreutz “I don’t want to guess at left tackle anymore”

From @cbhawks_joe:

CB- J.C. Jackson. At 26 in his prime. Ballhawk. Can be the turnover producer Eberflus covets on D. Saw what the Bears did last year with only 1 NFL level shutdown corner. Let’s you take down the “Help Wanted” sign.

From @Lord_Jcw:

I wouldn’t mind Equanimeous St Brown. Even though he’s been buried on GB’s depth chart he’s still got some potential. He was a second round talent imo coming out of Notre Dame and has shown some flashes in limited playing time. A great comp in the draft would be Christian Watson.

From @AntonioBelisle:

S Tyrann Mathieu Bring the Honey Badger to Soldier Field, #Bears like [HONEY EMOJI] too

From @jasperfenix9:

Eric Fisher

Still a good LT,won’t break the bank,fits what they’re looking for athletically, wouldn’t prevent them from drafting tackels over the next few years in the mid to late rounds,Jenkins goes back to his more natural position


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