Week 11: Bears at Falcons Game Preview

| November 17th, 2022

Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock and roll…

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears this Week?







Stats of Relevance

  • Due to the emergence of Justin Fields, the Bears are now rushing for 201.7 yards per game. That’s obviously best in the sport. The Falcons are fourth in that category, but they are FORTY yards behind. The correlating stat is also interesting. Chicago has thrown the fewest passes (208) in the league, while Atlanta has thrown the third fewest (231). Passing aficionados might want to spend their Sunday watching the FIFA documentary series on Netflix.
  • Of the teams in the top ten (including ties) in sacks, only the New Orleans Saints have a losing record. There are so many interesting stats in the NFL these days, but the sport still comes to playing well at quarterback and stopping the other guys from playing well at quarterback.
    • Chicago is 28th in sacks. Atlanta is 31st.
  • These teams are very similar. Is turnover differential the reason for their differing records? No. Both have a turnover differential of 0.

Three Bears Who Need to Start Playing

(3) Chase Claypool. Kadarius Toney was acquired by the Chiefs around the same time the Bears acquired Claypool and the former is already a prominent contributor in Kansas City’s offense. Come up with a dozen plays for him and run them.

(2) Velus Jones Jr. It must be “tough love” coaching because benching Jones on Sundays makes no sense otherwise. Jones has speed and this offense desperately needs it. Who cares if he is struggling with his route tree? Who cares if he misses a few blocking assignments? Put the ball in his hands a few times each Sunday and see what he can do with it.

(1) Alex Leatherwood. It is time to see everyone in the offensive line room. This is a pivotal eight weeks of evaluation, and the Bears can’t waste a day of it.

Dannehy Returns: Rebuild vs. Rebuild

The Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears are both in rebuilding phases, but they are not the famous Spiderman meme.

The teams have gone about their rebuilding process with different methodologies and it’s hard to see exactly what the end result for Atlanta will be. They have spent two top-10 picks on pass catchers, but don’t throw the football. At all. This is mostly due to deficiencies at quarterback, the limitations of Marcus Mariota, but their success elsewhere, and their excellent coaching, may land them in the playoffs.

In Year Two with a new regime, the Falcons might seem to be further along in their plan and will probably beat the Bears on Sunday. But to what end? Nothing really matters until they have a quarterback. The irony is that the Bears future looks bright solely because of the quarterback who was drafted by one of Atlanta’s top personnel men, Ryan Pace.

Say what you will about Pace’s time with the Bears, I’m willing to bet the Falcons wish their GM took Fields over Kyle Pitts.

Tomorrow: Prediction!

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