Final Game Preview of the 2021 Chicago Bears Season

| January 6th, 2022

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

And it’s only one week so why not?

What Positives Can We Take Away From the 2021 Season?

This season was not without promising developments, and some of those developments came at key positions. Let’s take a moment to accentuate the positives.

  • Fields Flashes.
    • All that should have mattered in 2021 was Fields. And we saw plenty that portends a future star in the league. There is still a long way to go for the young quarterback, but that journey could be a fun one for Bears fans.
  • Young Tackles.
    • Can Jenkins and Borom bookend this offensive line for years to come? It’s possible. And that possibility is incredibly exciting.
  • David Montgomery/Khalil Herbert/Darnell Mooney/Cole Kmet.
    • The Bears still need explosive weapons on the offensive side of the ball, but the pieces are falling into place. (And for those super critical of Kmet, ease up. He’s a kid. And in a productive offense he’s going to be a productive piece.)
  • Robert Quinn’s Dominance.
    • The Bears enter the 2022 season with one of the sport’s best pass rushes, barring a trade. (And the only way the Bears should trade Quinn or Khalil Mack is if they’re getting significant return.)
  • Jaylon Johnson.
    • Johnson has not only emerged as a top corner but his comments late in the season, questioning the integrity of the folks around him, show he possesses the leadership qualities this secondary desperately needs. But Johnson won’t realize his full potential until a second corner emerges on the other side.
  • Roquan.
    • This is – simply stated – one of the best defensive players in the league and the kind of talent you build a defensive roster around.

Tweet of the Week

Video of the Week

I’ve been saying this for weeks. The Bears are poised for a quick bounce back in 2022. Both Jersey teams on the schedule. Good nucleus of young talent. New coach. Rodgers likely in a different division. If Fields takes a step, the Bears are winning double-digit games next season.

Week 18 Gabling Guide

Other than Week 1, Week 18 is the toughest week to bet on the NFL calendar. Who needs the games? Who gives a damn about seeding? Who is planning to empty the bottom of their roster onto the field in the second half? The trick to gambling this week is sticking to the games that seriously matter.

(Last week, the guide went 2-1, but Trey Lance’s performance in the first half made the Texans +12 feel like the right play.)

Line of the Week

  • Washington -6.5 over NYG.
    • Jake Fromm is playing quarterback for the Giants and that team is now incapable of getting a first down. Yes, this violates my rule above, but Ron Rivera is going to want his club to finish strong and the Giants are, right now, the worst team in the league. Laying less than a touchdown seems like a no brainer.

Over/Under of the Week

  • Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas, over 49.
    • It is a high number, but this is a play-in game, and these are offenses capable of scoring points in bunches. Often times these games don’t become the shootouts we hope they will be, but there’s not a lot of defensive prowess on either roster. I see a 30-27, comfortably over the number.

The Money Line Parlay

  • Chiefs over Broncos, Colts over Jaguars, Titans over Texans, Saints over Falcons, Bucs over Panthers, Patriots over Dolphins (+292).
    • $100 wins $392 and you’re once again just asking heavily favored teams who need the game to win outright. I don’t quite trust the Saints in this mix – that team is bizarre – but you need them to punch up the odds.

Game Prediction

Justin Fields being announced as the starter at least inserts some interest into the game. And I think both he – and the offense – will finish decently strong.

Chicago Bears 23, Minnesota Vikings 22

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