Wednesday Lynx (and Brief Thoughts) Package [6/22/22]

| June 22nd, 2022

Again, I am pretty obviously a fan of Justin Fields. But the behavior of those defined as #BearsTwitter goes beyond fandom. They seem to have an emotional stake in his success, as if his failures on the field would have personal ramifications for them. They make bold (odd) pronouncements about him “owning” the league and winning Super Bowls. They have constant, meaningless fights with other fans. Every Bears fan wants Fields to succeed because his success means success for the franchise. But fans never behaved this way for Cade or Rex or Jay and certainly never for Mitch. What is so different about this player?

  • I reached out to John “Moon” Mullin in the early days of DBB – around 2006/7 – and was shocked at the time how generous he was with his time, with his advice, with his humor and wit. He was a truly good man, and he will be desperately missed. K.C. Johnson wrote a very nice send-off to Moon for NBC Sports.
    • Going through some old emails from Moon, I was struck by one piece of advice. He saw what the internet was doing to sports journalism and he feared one trend. “Don’t just be a fan, but don’t become a jaded old sportswriter either.” 
    • Adam Jahns had a very nice Twitter thread, paying tribute to Moon.
  • Pretty interesting piece by David Roeder in the Sun-Times regarding how money (and mainly taxpayer money) will influence the Bears plans in Arlington Heights. The truth of these NFL buildings is indisputable: they are nowhere near as valuable to the economics of their surrounding community as NFL owners want you to believe. And if you think a new building in Arlington Heights is suddenly going to become a premier concert venue, you’re out to lunch. This building will be vacant 98% of the year.
  • For those clamoring for a DK Metcalf trade, there is hope. This piece on Seattle Sports (710 AM) has a simple conclusion: “Metcalf wants a number much larger than the Seahawks are willing to pay.”
  • ACTUAL BEAR NEWS: A gigantic black bear has been spotted roaming a golf course in Naples, Florida. And I’m sure he’s already a better putter than I am. (As you read this, I’m probably three-putting for the third or fourth time in my Wednesday game.)
  • Braxton Jones is likely to be the starting left tackle when the Bears gather for training camp later this summer and Brad Biggs thinks he’s ready to win the job. You can also see some highlights of Jones at the Senior Bowl by clicking here.
  • Ryan Poles would trade Robert Quinn. He’s been open to trading Robert Quinn since he took the job. But to this point, the Bears just haven’t received a worthy offer. (Fox Bet has the Cowboys as favorites to land Quinn.) If I’m Poles, I’m not just moving Quinn for a draft pick. I’m only moving Quinn is a young, offensive piece is coming back to Chicago. And that’s very rare in the league.

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