Week 5 Game Preview, Volume II: Can the Bears Get Back on the Winning Side? (Nope.)

| October 7th, 2022

Four Things I Think Will Happen:

  • Minnesota has scored 23 and 28 points in their two home games. Chicago has scored 10 and 12 in their two road games. What evidence do we have that these trends won’t hold?
  • Justin Fields will have a quarterback rating in the 70s. Why? Because quarterback ratings vs. Minnesota this season reflect a defense that handles opposing QBs far better at home. Home in BOLD.
    • Andy Dalton: 108.6.
    • Jared Goff: 79.
    • Jalen Hurts: 108.7.
    • Aaron Rodgers: 67.6.
  • Kirk Cousins has his best game of the season. Cousins has been up-and-down because he hasn’t had a consistent run game and he’s a play-action quarterback. But run games miraculously find their way against this Bears defense and one would expect Minnesota’s to be no different.
  • It would also be surprising if the Vikings don’t line up Justin Jefferson in the slot and pick on Kyler Gordon. If they do, Gordon is in for his worst nightmare of the young campaign.

Minnesota Vikings 27, Chicago Bears 13

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