Week Four Game Preview, Volume I: “Same Old Song” Heads to New Jersey

| September 29th, 2022

They are coming off one of the least rewarding wins in recent memory. So…

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears this Week?







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The Passer Rating Problem

If you were to list the six men playing quarterback at the highest level through three games, who would you list? Jalen Hurts. Tua. Josh Allen. Lamar Jackson. Mahomes. Probably Trevor Lawrence?

Well, those six men currently lead the NFL in passer rating. Passer rating is not a flawless stat by any means. Quarterbacks should not be penalized for throwing the football away or for interceptions off the hands of their receivers. And quarterbacks should be rewarded statistically for avoiding negative plays and extending drives with their legs. But nevertheless, the passer rating stat is still our finest tool for measuring consistency at the position. All six of those players have a rating north of 100, and you don’t fluke your way into that number.

Justin Fields’ passer rating is 50. That ranks him 33rd in the league. And yes, there are only 32 starting quarterbacks.

The gap between Fields and Mac Jones in 31st (Trey Lance is 32nd) is 26.2 points.

That’s the gap between Jones and the top six, with Lawrence at 103.1.

This means that, according to the passer rating statistic, Fields is as far being the 31st ranked quarterback as Jones – who has been terrible – is from being a borderline Pro Bowler.

The Giants, who have a terrible secondary, have played three quarterbacks. Their passer ratings against:

  • Ryan Tannehill: 106.4
  • Baker Mayfield: 74.6
  • Cooper Rush: 98.2

Fields needs a clean game. No turnovers. High completion percentage. A few big plays. Nobody should be asking for (or looking for) more than that at this stage. If Fields can pitch to a QB rating around 90, there will at least be SOME reason for optimism moving forward in 2022.

The Five Best Restaurants in the State of New Jersey

5. Forno’s of Spain, Newark. If you think there is a better paella served in America, you’re wrong. And there might not be a better sangria either.

4. The Shrimp Box, Point Pleasant Beach. There’s something reassuring about watching the fisherman pull the seafood from their nets from your barstool as you eat the fresh seafood they caught. (Get there early and get the fried clams before they’re gone for the day!)

3. The Greeks, Kearny. Pork roll (or Taylor ham) is an NJ delicacy, and you won’t find better, or more. They literally shove ten slices on the roll.

2. Krug’s, Newark. The best burgers (and buffalo shrimp) in the state, and a cool, old reminder of what Newark once was.

1. Rutt’s Hut, Clifton. When folks are asked what their death row meal might be, they constantly stammer about. I don’t. Three rippers, side chili, frenchy gravy, mug of beer. (That’s your order it. Google to find out what it all means.)

Three Stats Worth Discussing

  • The Giants are allowing 5.3 yards per carry; only four teams are worse. Strategically, this is a week for the Bears to continue pounding the football.
  • The Giants are running it brilliantly, on the back of a resurgent Saquon Barkley, averaging just shy of 170 yards per game.
  • These are two evenly matched teams, which leads me to start looking at two statistical categories: turnovers and special teams. Turnovers are a push. Specials are too, with one exception: punt return average. The Giants rank 12th. The Bears rank 31st. It’s only about a nine-yard difference, but in a game where field position should prove critical, nine yards at the wrong time could decide the game.

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