Dissecting a Drive: Justin Fields’ Offense Evolves Versus Buffalo Bills

| July 31st, 2023

Happy Monday everyone! Get set for another week of Bears’ camp with extensive Saturday notes written by our own Johnathan Wood here:

Our first episode of Dissecting a Drive covered a drive so early in the year that the Bears offense (& Justin Fields’ play within it) felt juvenile compared to where they finished the 2022 season — so much changed schematically after their win over the Patriots that to claim that Chicago’s 2023 offense will look anything like it did early in 2022 feels foolish.

With that in mind, I charted the evolution of Chicago’s offense by taking a look at the Bears’ 9-play opening drive against Buffalo late in the year to continue prepping for what Luke Getsy may do with the 2023 Bears — in this drive, we see:

  • How the threat of Justin Fields’ legs dictated Sean McDermott’s initial defensive calls
  • The space Luke Getsy was able to open up by using those adjustments against Buffalo
  • How Luke Getsy used Fields to gain blocking advantages in the running game
  • A few nice examples of the Bears’ comprehensive Boot rolodex
  • And much, much more

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Like the last Dissecting a Drive, I plan to post a few clips to Twitter X today and once I do I’ll update this article to include a few of my favorites.

The video was a lot of fun to put together though, so consider giving it a look — Getsy’s play-sequencing on this drive is a great look into how I think he’ll use the threat of Fields’ legs to constantly jump-start the Bears’ rushing attack throughout 2023.

Your Turn: What did you think of the way the Bears’ offense evolved late in the year? What do you want to see more of?


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