Excuse Me, What Happened Yesterday?

| September 21st, 2023

Happy Birthday Ryan Poles, the Chicago Bears are on fire.

When Jeff recruited me to run DBB, I expected a 2023 NFL season with a single clear direction: up. The 2023 Bears weren’t a fully complete team on either side of the ball, but they seemed like a group that was disciplined, developing, and hungry to win 7-8 games against a relatively soft schedule.

Instead, somehow, every arrow within the franchise feels like it’s pointed straight down — and we’re not even through Week 3 yet.

On today’s episode of Bear With Us, Nick and I broke down everything from the impact of yesterday’s news to the matchups we’ll see this weekend. Throughout the show we discuss:

  • Braxton Jones’ injury & it’s impact on the OL
  • Justin Fields’ presser comments & the fallout that ensued — What did Justin Fields actually say? Was he justified? What happens now?
  • Alan Williams’ sudden resignation
  • Tyson Bagent’s promotion to QB2 (Nathan Peterman’s cut)
  • The state of the Bears’ offense & how it will shift against Kansas City
  • What Kansas City will do to attack the Bears
  • And much, much more.

Check out the show and let me know what you think!

Your turn: If somehow you were going to guess which week of the NFL season using only all the noise surrounding the current Bears, what week do you think it is?

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