Kicking off a New Season at DBB

| July 10th, 2023

As Jeff has posted (and posted and posted and posted and posted) about, today I start as the Editor in Chief of DaBearsBlog! I’m truly honored that I get to work hard writing stories, peeling apart football games, and covering every inch of the Chicago Bears with this community. Let’s get started!

For those I haven’t met yet, I’m Robert Schmitz. I’m a Texan that’s cheered for the Bears my entire life — my Great Grandfather Clarence Schmitz played for the team in the 1920s (or so I’ve been told) and since then my family has bled Navy and Orange, to the point that our fandom has driven my Cowboys-fan Mother crazy. We still huddle around the TV every fall Sunday to watch the games and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon.

I’m an analyst that loves the controlled chaos of football’s every play — eleven of the best athletes on the planet move in concert to advance an oblong leather ball while eleven more superhumans move to stop them. Some of the best minds in the world pour decades of their life into plotting, planning, and scheming up new ways to move this ball 10 yards at a time down a 100-yard grid so that they can score 6 points and ask Cody Parkey to get them a 7th.

It’s a bizarre game, but it’s a beautiful game — I love it. I want to study it and learn more about it, and that’s exactly what we’ll do throughout this football season at DBB.

I laid out my “vision” for DBB’s future a few weeks ago, but practically speaking it’ll look like the same daily posts that you’ve come to expect. Our topics will run the Bears’ gamut — player profiles, postgame notes, opinion columns, basically anything other than Haikus will land on the site at one point or another. Jeff, Andrew, and JW will still contribute as they have, so there’ll be a bevy of perspectives to see the game from. And with Jeff still around, maybe I shouldn’t count out Haikus just yet.

We’re only just 16 days away from the start of Bears’ training camp, so it’s about time we get this show on the road. Tomorrow I’ll have something put together about Jaylon Johnson and his case for an extension, but for today I’ll leave you with a question:

Do you think the Bears will win more than 8 games in 2023? Why or why not?

Daily Media

Video content is a passion of mine, so for those readers looking for a bit extra to chew on I’ll add something to the bottom of our daily posts. For example, here’s a recent video I put together that takes a look at Gervon Dexter Sr.’s tape from his Florida days: 

With his first NFL season fast approaching, I took a look into Gervon Dexter Sr.’s film and put together a quick-hitter that covers:

  • Dexter’s strengths and weaknesses as both a run-defender & pass-rusher
  • His (likely) role in the Bears’ 2023 defensive line
  • Why his get-off was as slow as it was at Florida

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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