Offense is a Roller Coaster and We’re Just Along For the Ride

| December 13th, 2023

Last night I dove deep into the Bears’ tape from Monday’s big win over Detroit — throughout the stream I talked through:

  • What are the Bears doing to create so much defensive chaos?
    • How much of their success is the players? How much is the coaching? Can it be both?
  • How are the Bears’ attacking 3rd downs defensively? What has their shift in attitude done to their 3rd down production?
  • Which young defenders have stepped up their game?
  • Who (or what) fueled the good parts of the Bears’ Sunday offense?
  • Where did Justin Fields win? Where did he struggle?
  • Who stood out on the Bears’ offensive line? Who was left lacking?
  • How much of what’s working for Chicago (both sides of the ball) is sustainable going forward?
  • The usual rants & ravings about the future of the Bears
  • And much, much more

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Your Turn: Have you jumped on the Bears’ playoff bandwagon?

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