Throwback Thursday: Devin Hester, You Are Ridiculous

| August 10th, 2023

Devin Hester was my first favorite Bears player growing up, and as a young boy watching Bears games with my dad Hester became the icon that represented exactly why, no matter the score, we never gave up on a game until the final whistle blew.

It didn’t matter if our Quarterback had turned the ball over 6 times, and it didn’t matter if the offense couldn’t get a first down, because the Bears’ defense would eventually force a punt and Devin would get us the points back. Truly, he was ridiculous — the league had never seen someone like him, and with the changes made to returning rules the league likely never will again.

Now that we’re just a few days away from the Bears’ first preseason game, take a day to trek down memory lane and remember one of the most sensational rookie seasons ever played in a Bears’ uniform — it’s absolutely wild to think that the organization spent a 2nd round pick on a Return Specialist (I learned that today, for all these years I assumed he must’ve been a 4th or 5th round pick), but suffice to say they got everything they could’ve hoped for from him and more.

Who will be the Bears’ next sensational rookie? If we’re lucky, we’ll get a clue on Saturday. But until then, sit back and remember the unbelievable moments that ‘Anytime’ Devin Hester brought fans around the world. Truly, he was ridiculous.

Your Turn: Who was your first favorite Bears player?

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