Dissecting a Drive: Tyson Bagent’s March to the Endzone

| August 22nd, 2023

You know what? For an eighteen play drive, I’m proud to say I broke the whole thing down in only ~23 minutes.

Saturday’s game featured next to no Chicago starters and neither of the Bears’ second units did much to generate excitement for fans early in the game. It was as preseason a first quarter as you’ve ever seen — both offenses looked out of sync initially, but as soon as each side started rolling a penalty or sack would kill the drive and force a punt.

But then, near the end of the quarter, Gardner Minshew led the Indianapolis Colts on a 12-play, 74-yard Touchdown drive that seemed to declare the Colts’ 2nd unit the superior of the two. In doing so, Minshew must’ve angered the Football Gods, because they reached out to Tyson Bagent and offered the Bears UDFA QB a chance to make a name for himself in a town obsessed with young QB play.

He took it.

In the latest episode of Dissecting a Drive, we broke down all 18 plays of Tyson Bagent’s march into the Colts’ endzone — in the video we discuss:

  • Where (and how) is Tyson Bagent winning as a QB?
  • What play-calling themes can we see in Getsy’s handling of the young QB?
  • Which other offensive players stepped up to help the 2nd unit succeed?
  • And much, much more

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Your Turn: What did you think of Bagent’s big day?