Eat Your Vegetables, Draft Jared Verse

| April 22nd, 2024

Florida State EDGE rusher Jared Verse is as safe as safe picks get — he’s strong as an ox, plays the run & pass effectively, and at 23 years old he likely doesn’t have much untapped potential left in his game. What you see is what you get.

The numbers back up Verse’s on-field production — between Verse, Dallas Turner, and Laiatu Latu, Verse posted the clear best Run Stop Rate while still posting a Pass Rush Win Rate in-line with the best names in the draft. With Verse, versatility is the name of the game.

(Here’s a quick cut-up of Verse rushing the passer)

Verse has the lowest ceiling of the big 3 DL prospects, but he comes with none of the red flags that the others do. He’s an “eat your vegetables” pick, and if he’s Ryan Poles’ target I’d hope Chicago trades down before selecting him. Still, if he’s the pick, I’m intrigued — the Bears need a pass rusher and Verse certainly fits the bill.

If he can become a 7-10 sack player, I think the defense takes a needed step forward — as of now Chicago has one reliable pass-rusher, and Verse (or Turner, Murphy, even Newton) would give them a key second threat that opens up 1-on-1s for Gervon Dexter and everyone else on the defensive line.

There are many ways Ryan Poles can improve the team on Thursday, and thankfully almost all of his options are good ones. I can’t wait to see who he selects.

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Your Turn: Thoughts on Jared Verse?

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