Highlights from Day One at Senior Bowl

| January 30th, 2024

Senior Bowl practices just wrapped up for both the National & American Team only hours ago — I spent the day watching DBs and Wide Receivers, and here’s what I saw:

Bear With Me on these columns — time is short in Mobile, Alabama, so I’m stuffing as much as I can into this article. Organization will ebb and flow.

You need to hear about this Corner from Toledo

Quinyon Mitchell is a corner I haven’t personally had an easy time getting film on, but his play in Mobile stood out to the point that he was probably the best player on the field across both practices. He has beautiful, efficient footwork, physical during his route stem, and natural when tracking his man down the field. Made plays in both man and zone coverage. He’s assuredly out of the Bears’ league, but he’s fun nevertheless.

WR Brenden Rice looks strong early

Caleb Williams’ favorite WR demonstrated a trait I hadn’t seen from him much (raw brawn) early & often on Day 1 in Mobile, and that’s a welcome sight for a team that could use an outside (often called ‘X’) receiver. He kept getting tackled mid-route by the CB across from him, but he fought through and finished each play.

CB Cam Hart had a nice day

The Notre Dame CB has gotten no shine in the eyes of the media, and I can’t personally understand why. Good footwork, great eyes in zone coverage, and more than capable of throwing hands with the likes of Devontez Walker, a likely first round pick come April. The Bears may not need a CB, but he’s one to watch all the same.

My time runs short — feel free to review my day’s tweets for more, plus I’ll try to update this article before tomorrow if I get the chance. But there’s a lot of great talent out on the field in South Alabama — the Bears are getting a show Keep a particular eye on the American team’s safeties, they’re ones for Chicago to watch.

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