Senior Bowl Notes From Day Two

| February 1st, 2024

Once again, Senior Bowl practices just wrapped up for both the National & American Team only hours ago. I spent the day watching DBs and Wide Receivers, and here’s what I saw:

National Team Practice

Dominant: Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell

Good: Florida WR Ricky Pearsall, North Carolina WR Devontez Walker, Michigan WR Roman Wilson, Western Kentucky WR Malachi Corley, Notre Dame CB Cam Hart, Rutgers CB Max Melton, Oregon State SAF Kitan Oladapo, Oregon SAF Evan Williams, UCF WR Javon Baker

I Wanted More: Penn State CB Kalen King, Oregon CB Khyree Jackson, Rice WR Luke McCaffrey

Notes: Quinyon continues to stand out, no two ways about it… Pearsall looks like a fun option in the 3rd or 4th round — he’s big enough to handle a jam, fast enough to separate after initial contact, and competitive at the catch point… Roman Wilson stayed fast.. Tez Walker looked much faster today than yesterday but he couldn’t seem to catch the ball. He did the hard part, but I’d love to see him finish tomorrow…

Cam Hart remains a pest, nearly picked off Tez Walker on a curl route for the second day in a row… Max Melton stepped up in a big way today, looking fast & physical all throughout practice. Safeties looked good, but it’s the wrong theater for them — Kitan stood out in limited one-on-ones, but we didn’t see enough for any conclusions.

Brenden Rice battled all day — took as many reps as the coaches would allow him to. Had some good, and some bad. Here’s one of the good ones:



Baker flashing some speed:

American Team Practice

Dominant: Nobody in this session

Good: Louisville WR Jamari Thrash, Kansas State TE Ben Sinnott, TCU TE Jared Wiley, Kentucky CB Andru Phillips, Miami SAF Kamren Kinchens, Auburn CB DJ James

Surprised Me (In A Good Way): Georgia SAF Javon Bullard, Georgia WR Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, Tulane WR Jha’Quan Jackson, Fresno State CB Carlton Johnson, Louisville CB Jarvis Brownlee (who really surprised me)

I Wanted More: South Carolina WR Xavier Legette, Florida State WR Johnny Wilson, Maryland SAF Beau Brade

Notes: Great bounce-back session for anyone who felt overshadowed by Ladd McConkey yesteday… Great days from Thrash and Jackson in particular, who were bursty in their footwork and competitive on every rep. Jackson, in particular, couldn’t be contained by the Safeties… Rosemy-Jacksaint plays even bigger than he looks, which is exactly what he’ll need to do to establish himself as an outside WR that could be an interesting power slot option…

The Tight Ends in Mobile are all kinds of fun — both Sinnot and Wiley are different paths to dominant, with Sinnot using footwork to win and Wiley imposing with size…

Great session from the DBs — Phillips, Bullard, and Kinchens we knew about, but Fresno State late-add Carlton Johnson and Louisville CB Jarvis Brownlee shined. Each will want a strong Day 3 of practice to lock in the gains they’ve made this weekend, but each put up some great tape.

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