This Offseason Has Become Wonderfully Boring (And I Love It)

| May 9th, 2024

No arguments about quarterbacks.

No hand-wringing about (a lack of) pass-catchers.

No questions about the Bears’ future direction.

Instead, daily Bears conversation currently revolves around which cheap veteran EDGE/D-Lineman Ryan Poles will add to a 2024 roster that looks young, hungry, and ready to surprise.

It’s… dare I say, a comfortable time to be a Chicago fan. The Bears’ young core is exciting (on both sides of the ball!), their overall direction makes sense, and there’s enough veteran leadership across the roster to expect competitive Sundays while the rookies learn the ropes. On top of that, they’re up against the salary cap and aren’t likely to make any more major moves this offseason — their draft class will push them to within $8-$10 million dollars of the current cap ceiling, meaning that if we assume that Poles wants to keep a typical $5-10 million dollars on-hand for in-season signings next year Chicago’s cards have already been played.

I’ve personally feel relieved all week — after months (years?) of wondering which current franchise face would leave the city next, it feels like there’s finally time to relax and look at the team holistically. What is Shane Waldron’s vision for a Caleb Williams-centered offense? How will Matt Eberflus deploy an exciting group of DBs and LBs in support of a young DL? What expectations are reasonable for a talented team led by a rookie QB? Where should we plan to put Davis Mills’ statue?

There will be plenty of time to discuss all of these questions and more, but for now? Enjoy the calm of the moment. I’m certainly going to.

Your Turn: Are you as relaxed about the future as I am? Or do visions of a dark future plague your weary mind?