| January 4th, 2022

Jeff Hughes has been writing DaBearsBlog since 2005. Nobody read it until he spelled Adam Archuleta’s name wrong and subsequent Google searches sent Bears fans his way. He is a playwright, musical theatre writer and is very active in the non-profit world.

Noah Brier started DaBearsBlog because he tired of hearing Jeff Hughes rant and rave about the Chicago Bears verbally for the entirety of their friendship. He is the co-founder of Variance. You can read his full bio here: NoahBrier.com.

Reverend Dave does the Reverend’s Rants. Nobody likes him. He was in Malawi doing something. He got malaria. He came back. Now he’s in Zanzibar.

Andrew Dannehy has been blogging at various websites since 2012, but is most well known for his insane twitter rants during games. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, two cats and a naughty puppy named Ditka.

Johnathan Wood (Data) is DBB’s post-game wrap-up writer. He is a collector of information and disperser of knowledge. And…he’s affordable. He writes pieces like THIS.

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