Some Hopes For Today’s Schedule Release

| April 19th, 2018

There are things I’m rooting for when it comes to the schedule release. I want at Buffalo in the first six weeks. I want Miami/Arizona late in the season, when playing golf is no longer an option for those of us in New York City. I don’t want a primetime game the week in November when I’ll be in Europe.

But none of that has anything to do with the actual Chicago Bears. These three things do.

  • Easy Start. The entire organization needs a couple wins early to convince the locker room things are headed in the right direction and convince the fan base there’s something to be excited about on the lakefront. Ideal opening spots? Home to the Jets or at Buffalo, both of whom will be starting either rookie or journeyman QBs.
  • Stay off Primetime. If the schedule has the Bears playing 15 early Sunday games and the obligatory Thursday nighter, that would be ideal. The Bears need to grow and develop with their second-year QB in the relative anonymity non-primetime contests provide. (And personally, I just love the early game Sunday. That’s football. First beer at 11 am. Last beer at 5:30 pm.)

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