Announcing the Darnell “Money” Mooney Shirt!

| October 12th, 2020

This year DBB is deepening our partnership with 26Shirts; becoming far more involved in shirt concepts/designs, especially when it comes to the Chicago Bears-specific ones. This collaboration is based on a Tweet from the Bears themselves.



Darnell Mooney has wowed the Bears since training camp opened and is one of the breakout stars of this rookie class. So without further delay, the Darnell “Money” Mooney shirt.

Simple. Cool. You can simply click the image above to order or follow THIS LINK to the 26Shirts site.

As with all 26Shirts attire, half the proceeds go to charity and this shirt will support my friends at the Windy Kitty Cafe in Chicago. Like many smaller non-profits, they are struggling mightily in the wake of Covid-19. Resources are not as available as they were seven months ago. We are specifically supporting their “Kitten Korner”. Here’s a note from Jenny, the founder, on their website:

It was a dream of mine to have a kitten nursery be a part of The Windy Kitty since before I opened! Kitten Korner is phase one of the up and coming Chicago Kitten Nursery, which will be an entirely different facility in Chicago. For now, we take in kittens that are not ready for the main lounge but young enough to start being socialized so that fosters have more room for neonatal kittens.


Kittens are the first to be euthanized in city shelters if they are still nursing. Not because people don’t care but because the resources to care for them overnight just aren’t there. I thought, why not become a resource so less orphan kittens die!? So here we are… In just over a year we’ve saved over 200 lives.


With your help we opened Kitten Korner in August 2018, just 8 months after opening our doors. Now it is a full on non-profit entity working in conjunction with The Windy Kitty and various rescues within Chicago.

So why not buy a cool shirt and support an amazing cause? And if you don’t want the shirt but still want to support the cause, you can do that HERE.

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On Expanding Our Relationship with 26 Shirts, and How You Can Help.

| May 29th, 2020

Years back I decided to give 26 Shirts some prime real estate on DBB. We have always tried to use this platform to raise as much money for charity as possible and I liked the idea of a company whose foundational ethic was to help others. Over the years, we have had a lot of success with various designs and helped a great many people and organizations, especially my lovely friends at the Windy Kitty Cafe.

But we haven’t been successful enough. And the reason is simple.

My friend Del Reid (of #BillsMafia and drinking with me in Buffalo fame) and the folks who run this company have a passion for Buffalo sports and their products reflect that. I don’t even like the teams in Buffalo and I’ve bought three of those designs! The Chicago items tend to be less specific, and subsequently less interesting. To combat this I have built a sort of “ideas team” of artistic-minded friends who share a passion for Chicago sports. But that’s not enough.

Two other things need also to happen. The first is 26 Shirts producing the official DBB shirt for the 2020 season. That design has already been chosen and the shirt is in the works. Unlike they’re other products, that shirt won’t have a limited shelf life. It’ll be available on a rolling basis for the entire 2020 season. (It’ll benefit the kitties.)

The second is your involvement. If you have an idea for a clever Chicago sports tee shirt, please reach out to me via email: jeff@dabearsblog.com. You just need a concept. You don’t have to design it. They have brilliant designers. And if you have a charitable cause you’d like the proceeds to support, that’s even better. I don’t know anything about the Bulls or Blackhawks or Cubs or White Sox. And I don’t care to learn about them. Many of you do. And just one clever pun or inside reference could end up on a tee shirt and end up helping someone who needs it.

I don’t consider 26 Shirts an advertiser. I consider them a partner. And I’m invested in helping them expand their reach in Chicago and break seriously into the market. You can be a huge factor in making that reality.

Have a nice weekend. Stay healthy.



Announcing the DBB/26 Shirts Chicago Official Tee-Shirt for the 2018 Season!

| September 3rd, 2018

It’s going to be a wild political season and the 2018 Chicago Bears have a chance to be the most exciting vintage in years. So DBB created a shirt combining both concepts. The shirt is being made by 26 Shirts Chicago and is selling for $24.95.

But $8 of every sale is going to benefit Windy Kitty Cafe, a cat shelter and nursery in Chicago. I’ve been very proud of the charitable work this site has done over the years and I’ve wanted to find something in the animal world that needed support.

The shirt is below. And it’s amazing. To purchase it, CLICK HERE.

To read more about the work of Windy Kitty Cafe and their new Kitten Korner, CLICK HERE.

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