Audibles From the Long Snapper: Crazy Football Players, Broken Clavicles & the Safety Dance

| August 5th, 2014



Both the major Chicago dailies feature columns disparaging Martellus Bennett for body slamming first-round selection Kyle Fuller to the ground in a fit of rage. Mark Potash in the Sun-Times wants the alarm sounded and Bennett read the riot act:

The Bennett-Fuller dust-up might end up being an isolated incident, but it’s a red flag nonetheless. Martellus Bennett is a Pro Bowl-caliber tight end and a good teammate who defers to more productive players in the offense. But on the field and off he’s an acquired taste that is not for everybody.

“I’m not here for friendships,” Bennett said.

That’s all well and good. You don’t have to make friends to be part of a winning team. But you definitely have to avoid making enemies.

If Bennett would have seriously hurt Fuller this would have been an unmitigated disaster. But he didn’t. Fuller is fine. And Bennett is a football player. I’m sorry if I don’t expect gigantic, jacked up Neanderthals to be well-adjusted human beings.

Also, on Potash’s last sentence…really? Do we spend so much time celebrating the 1985 Chicago Bears we actually forget who and what they were? There were plenty of enemies on that roster and two fierce enemies on the coaching staff.

Marquess Wilson Injury Makes Preseason More Interesting

I bet you didn’t expect THAT headline from me, did you? Let me explain.

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Bears Take Chance on Former Pro Bowl Safety Adrian Wilson [VIDEO]

| June 24th, 2014

Three thoughts on the signing:

  1. It is another sign that this current Bears regime will not settle for inadequacies on the roster. The previous administration seemed to enjoy going to great lengths to not only defend weak positions but make claims that a weakened position was somehow part of the overall strategy.
  2. Chicago could not enter the summer with Ryan Mundy as the only viable strong safety on the roster. Why? Because Ryan Mundy isn’t that good.
  3. Keep expectations low on Wilson. If the former top safety is on the roster come September, it would be a surprise.

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