HughesReviews Labor Day Special: My 50 Favorite English Language Films of All-Time

| September 4th, 2021

Movies are subjective. So explaining a list like this seems to be of little use. This is them. These are it.

50. Joe Versus the Volcano

49. Sneakers

48. Planet of the Apes

47. Defending Your Life

46. Marathon Man

45. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

44. Annie Hall

43. Moonstruck

42. Anchorman

41. The Firm

40. A Fish Called Wanda

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Week 8 Game Preview: Oh When the Saints, Come Marching In!

| October 29th, 2020

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears…


Definitive Week for Matt Nagy, Caller of Plays

A friend of mine works for the New Orleans Saints in their scouting department. When discussing this week’s game, and the prospect of Matt Nagy relinquishing the role of play caller, he noted, “If they can’t move the ball vs our secondary next week…then it’s really time.”

Last week, Mike Davis had 7 carries for 12 yards against the Saints front. Let me just repeat that. Mike Davis, the starting running back for the Carolina Panthers, had 7 carries. For 12 yards. (New Orleans is the fourth-ranked rush defense in the league.) One would think that such a porous running game would have made it impossible for Teddy Bridgewater to execute the passing attack. But the opposite was true. Bridgewater – who pitched to a quarterback rating of about 50 against the Bears – was nearly perfect against the Saints. 23-28. 254 yards. 2 touchdowns. QB rating of 128.3.

You don’t need a running game to move the ball and score points on these Saints. And that’s good. Because the Bears don’t have one. If Nagy can’t draw up production from the passing game this week, it would be very difficult to see him calling the plays against the Tennessee Titans next week.

Nine Favorite Films of 1979, the Year of Drew’s Birth

(9) Monty Python’s Life of Brian


(8) The Jerk


(7) …And Justice For All


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DaBearsBlog Weekend Show – 9/23/16 [AUDIO]

| September 22nd, 2016

On this week’s show:

  • Jeff plays a clip from “All That Jazz” and misidentifies it as “Lenny” (those familiar with the clip will understand why). He then discusses stages of death when it comes to the 2016 Bears season.
  • Adam Jahns discusses the tone in the Bears locker room Monday night and whether he believes the team has enough left in that locker room to be competitive the next few weeks.
  • Reverend Dave blows us off! (So instead we play an oldie but goodie. 2013’s “When the Bears Win”)
  • Jeff tries mighty hard to like the Chicago Bears this week.

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