My Favorite Players in the 2023 NFL Draft: RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

| April 12th, 2023

Robinson is not only one of my favorite players in this draft. I think he is the best player in the draft, and two people I know in the league agree with that assessment. And I think he’s going to make an immediate, star-level impact for the team that drafts him.

From Lance Zierlein at NFL.com


Full-menu back blending a smorgasbord of position-specific traits that allow him to affect games. Robinson is well-built with a compact lower half and pairs a low center of gravity with agile feet. There are elements of both fight and flight in his running style, but defenders can never be quite sure what they are going to get. He’s a capable inside/outside runner with unique footwork to stack moves and reset pathways, but can plow into tacklers at a moment’s notice using elite contact balance to keep the run rolling. He might need to dial back efforts to search out big runs so frequently and take what is there a little more often to keep from getting bogged down. His pass-catching talent ensures the opportunity for Robinson to see a high number of touches. He has a chance to become one of the more productive runners in the league very quickly.


  • Three-down back with exceptional talent in all phases.
  • Owns a variety of footwork tools to alter pace, direction and power.
  • Feet are fast and fully connected with his vision for optimal results.
  • Resets run track with sudden jump-cuts against penetration.
  • Runs low to the ground and possesses rare contact balance.
  • Ability to stack moves adds a level of unpredictability to his carries.
  • Pinballs off of angle strikes and can rip through leg tackles.
  • Pairs instant burst with solid top-end speed.
  • Finishes runs with authority.
  • Soft hands and a nightmare to deal with on wheel routes.

And I’m not including Zierlein’s weaknesses, because I don’t agree with them. Kid is going to be a star.



Dannehy: Chicago Bears NFL Draft Big Board

| February 17th, 2023

It’s a little odd attempting to put together an NFL draft big board for the team with the first overall pick, but with much speculation that the team might trade down, there is a lot to consider.

Obviously, if the Bears stay with the first overall pick, or move down just a couple of spots there are very few players who would be in consideration. But we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of the Bears moving down a couple of times or dealing out of the top ten entirely for a massive haul. There is also the possibility that the team will move up into the back half of the first round, should they acquire enough draft picks to do so.

With that, this board has to be tiered.

  • Tier One will be players the team would consider with picks inside the top four.
  • Tier Two will be players who would be in consideration from picks 5-10.
  • Tier Three will be players the team could consider in the teens.
  • Tier Four will be players who they might grab at the end of the first round.

Tier One

1. Will Anderson Jr., DE, Alabama

Anderson seems to check every box a team could want in a prospect. Even in a “down year” this past season, Anderson was among the post productive pass rushers in college football, finishing with 10 sacks and 17 TFLs. By all accounts, he fits the HITS principle and Matt Eberflus’ relationship with Nick Saban should give the Bears good intel.

2. Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

If Anderson is the top player on the board, then Carter is 1A.

Carter didn’t quite have the production teams covet, but his tape shows flashes of a dominant player. Georgia asked him to do different things than the Bears will, but when Carter was asked to simply shoot a gap – which is what the Bears will require of him – he was tough to block.

But there is a question about if he fits the HITS principle. Todd McShay, Mel Kiper Jr. and Dane Brugler have all made mention of Carter’s effort. Will the Bears see it the same way? No idea, but it will be worth investigating.

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