Finding A Quarterback: The Other Guys

| April 7th, 2017

Over the last few weeks I have profiled the top four quarterbacks in the draft but the Bears are not likely going to get any of them.

The praising of Mike Glennon has been universal to the point where I don’t think the Bears are going to spend the third pick on a quarterback. I also think all four of the top guys will be gone before the Bears pick in the second round.

So, where does that leave them? With one of these guys…

Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech

Evans is my Jordan Howard of this year’s draft.

I really liked Howard last year and thought his value was going to be the best of any of the running backs, and that was when I thought he’d be a third-round pick.

Evans, like Howard, has only one year of major college experience and, like Howard, he was really good. His resume is pretty much the same as Mitch Trubisky and, physically, he’s pretty much the same as DeShone Kizer.

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