| December 7th, 2020

This was one of the worst losses I can remember watching as a Chicago Bears fan.

Or maybe it wasn’t? As someone who became a Bears fan years after their 1985 Super Bowl win, most of my time spent rooting for Chicago has been rife with disappointment.

As fans we can go back and forth debating the most brutal, deflating, demoralizing losses this franchise has faced, and after days of heated conversations we’d probably still be leaving out quite a few heartbreakers.

So who knows? Maybe this was one of their worst losses, or maybe it was just another in a series of forgettable bad moments, but either way this was the game where I became completely convinced that the Chicago Bears need to blow it up and rebuild in 2021.

That means at the very least goodbye Pace, goodbye Nagy, goodbye Trubisky (that has been a no brainer for awhile), and goodbye to any aging veteran the Bears are able to unload for decent draft picks.

Some of you might think I’m an idiot for taking so long to get to this point, and others will think I’m a moron for wanting to completely rebuild a team that has so much talent and promise. Either opinion is fair, but what I know is that you can’t live on promise alone, and promise is all the Bears have been giving us since the double-doink in 2018.It’s absolutely crushing Chicago didn’t get this one right. They had, and still have an amazingly talented defense. Matt Nagy is still a smart and inspirational coach. Hell, Mitchell Trubisky is still a guy who works hard, shows up for his teammates, and can make impressive, athletic plays.

It doesn’t matter.

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