(A Brief Note on How to Save the Possibly-Struggling NFL)

| October 7th, 2016

Here’s how you solve the issues with the lack of young talent and depth on rosters across the NFL.

Step 1. Create an 8-team developmental league. That’s all you need. Each of the 8 teams is associated specifically with a division. So the NFC North would have their own developmental team comprised of an equal number of players from each of the four teams.

Step 2. Build a coaching staff selected by the four teams, with one head coach overseeing the program. (Think Marty Schottenheimer or Jim Fassel or Mike Shanahan) This will also enable young guys on coaching staffs to get hands-on experience calling plays, coaching a position group full-time…etc.

Step 3. Play the games on Wednesday. Wednesday is a dead zone for football information and these games will draw an audience. Will it rival the actual league? No.

Step 4. Each team’s developmental QB gets a start on a rotating basis. The results of these games are not particularly important but getting young quarterbacks in-game action is pivotal. And you don’t want them to be changing during the course of a game.

Step 5. Allow team-less veteran players to take part. I mean, it can only help the development of the younger guys to have a veteran presence in these practices and on these fields.

Step 6. Have the developmental league in late October/early November and create some roster spots from promotion to the big show. This would dramatically increase fan interest. Imagine watching these games knowing a few of the guys are definitely making the Sunday roster.