With Free Agency Only Ten Days Away…

| February 29th, 2016

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Here are five thoughts on the Bears possible approach.

(1) Go get Eric Weddle. Why?

  • Antrel Rolle is shot and has been for some time. (Even when he wasn’t shot, he couldn’t cover anybody.)
  • Weddle may come with a significant yearly price tag but at thirty-one years old the length of the contract will most likely be tolerable.
  • Weddle can bring toughness, versatility and leadership to a secondary desperate for all three.
  • Adrian Amos already has the best secondary coach in the NFL. Line up Weddle beside him and you’ll see his development expedited.

(2) The Bears targeted Pernell McPhee quickly a year ago and landed their man. Would they do so again? Yes. Because adding Malik Jackson to their defensive line will turn around their poor rush defense almost immediately. There’s concern, of course, because paying defensive linemen has bitten several clubs in the ass. But you have to spend all that cap space somewhere, don’t you?

(3) The Bears should go into 2016 with Charles Leno and Kyle Long as their starting tackles. Both showed enough a year ago to warrant another season at those positions. But don’t be surprised if they look to free agency for a tough presence in the middle of the line. Is Alex Boone a great guard? No. But he’s got some badass in him. And he shouldn’t be too expensive.

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FrontRowTickets.com Game Preview: Bears Travel to San Diego (For Probably the Last Time Ever)

| November 6th, 2015

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Near the sea of La Jolla, lived a fella called Strand.

He loved to watch the surfers, cup of coffee in his hand.

He dreamed of The Day when he’d own his own board.

And ride off with The Girl in a ’67 Ford.

The Day never came.

The Girl never went.

And the years of his life were nothing, but spent.


  • Loss of Keenan Allen for can not be understated. Allen is one of the best receivers in the game and has been the third most targeted. Chargers still have weapons but their passing attack might look similar to Chicago’s without Jeffery for the remainder of the season.
  • Eric Weddle is supposedly returning to the starting lineup after missing a few games with a groin injury. I’ve always thought Weddle overrated but he HAS been San Diego’s best defender for half a decade. His 2015 has been all-but wasted, to the point of his being mentioned as trade bait at the non-existent deadline. Can Weddle have a major impact Monday night?
  • Melvin Gordon has been a disappointment – which is a shock, I know, for a running back from Wisconsin. (Why is it that none of these guys translate to the professional game?) San Diego is one of the worst rushing teams in the game and when you watch Gordon on tape, there’s nothing there. He’s just a guy. And he certainly doesn’t look like he warranted first-round selection. His offensive coordinator believes he needs to “dig deep”.
  • Danny Woodhead’s total touches through 8 games: 16, 13, 8, 12, 9, 12, 16, 5. He’s got four touchdowns. And with Allen injured, expect the Chargers to be reliant on Woodhead’s screen presence as they get settled into the passing game.

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