My Favorite Players in the 2023 NFL Draft: CB Joey Porter Jr, Penn State

| April 19th, 2023

From Lance Zierlein at NFL.com:


Ascending cornerback combining traits and above average play strength that create a clear definition of who he is as a player. He can reroute the release and has the frame to close catch windows against big receivers in press-man or Cover 2 looks. Delayed transitions and sluggish change of direction put him in conflict in off coverages, so teams must pay attention to matchups and scheme in order to avoid a field full of yellow laundry. There is work to be done to improve tackle consistency in the run game, but he finishes tackles after a catch. Porter has scheme limitations, but he also has CB1 potential with more work and if utilized properly.


  • Father is a former Pro Bowler and was an undisputed alpha during his playing career.
  • The most physical reroutes in this year’s draft.
  • Smart hand usage helps cover when feet are late.
  • Recovery and length to swat away would-be catches underneath.
  • Closes the catch space when he’s in position.
  • Can win high-point challenges even from trail position.
  • Matchup potential against pass-catching tight ends.
  • Spins sticky tackle web when he gets his hands on receivers.


  • Noticeable delay in transitions from press.
  • Struggles to slide and match release quickness.
  • Not twitchy enough to match a complex route.
  • Too grabby at the top of the route.
  • Needs extra steps to plant and drive from top of his drop.
  • Lacking change-of-direction quickness as open-field tackler.

Sources Tell Us

“He can’t change direction well but he’s strong and physical, so you put him in press and let him play in the receiver’s pocket all game.” — Area scout for AFC team



Three Potentially Unpopular Thoughts on Next Week’s NFL Draft

| April 17th, 2023

(1) For the life of me, I don’t understand the Anthony Richardson thing. Yes, he’s a superior athlete. But shouldn’t NFL teams at least require he LOOK the part of a professional quarterback in college? As I have been watching clips of various SEC defenders, I’m constantly seeing Richardson make the wrong read, throw the ball inaccurately, etc. Is he a draftable prospect? Of course. But it’ll be quite surprising if he’s relevant in the NFL in the next 2-3 years.

(2) The Bears should seriously consider taking Peter Skoronski if they stay at the ninth pick. Skoronski is not going to be a tackle in the NFL; he’s going to be a guard. And from what I’m told by folks who know way more than me, he can be a potentially top-level guard, a la Zack Martin. No one can convince me this current regime has any faith in the long-term viability of Teven Jenkins on this roster. Skoronski, pairing with Nate Davis, would give the Bears a pair of maulers on the inside, and the pick would give the Bears options with Jenkins.

(3) This is a complementary draft, not a star draft. Are Tyree Wilson and Will Anderson at the same level of a Myles Garrett? No. Are JSN or Jordan Addison a Justin Jefferson? No. I think all of the aforementioned players are going to be very good at the next level but so are Joey Porter Jr. and Adetomiwa Adebawore. (Looks at these two prospects coming tomorrow and Wednesday.) This is the year where you move back every chance you get because the guys being taken at 25 are not far off talent-wise from the guys being taken at 11. Ryan Poles knows this.

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