Tuesday Draft Profiles: Hey, the Bears Need a Punter! [VIDEOS]

| April 12th, 2022

The Cream of the Crop: Matt Araiza, San Diego State

Note: This kid has the potential to be a game changer at the position. Rarely do punters have highlight reels like this, but Araiza has one of the more powerful legs in recent memory. He’s going to get drafted.

An Aussie in Champaign: Blake Hayes, Illinois

Note: UFA contender for the Bears. From Turf Show Times: “From Melbourne, Australia. 6’4” tall, 226 pounds. LZ says elite coffin corner punter, outstanding control. Lacks hang time and power, operational time too slow, had 3 punts blocked. He’s left footed. Had 45.1 average last season, career best. Turns 24 in August. I don’t have as much a problem as LZ with his timing, but he doesn’t have a strong leg or strikes the ball consistently. He is good at downing the ball inside the 20.”

A Guinness Punter: Jordan Stout, Penn State

Note: From a piece at Collegian: “In his senior year, Stout was No. 5 in the Big Ten, averaging 46 yards per kick with only three punts crossing the goal line for a touchback. Stout was one of the best in the conference at pinning opponents deep, racking up the third-most punts inside the 20-yard line with 35 and a deep 76-yarder against Wisconsin.”

Rutgers punter Adam Korsak and Oklahoma punter Michael Turk were two guys who really impressed this season, but both have decided to return to amateur football for another year.

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Money Mooney: Friday News & Notes Around the Chicago Bears

| March 18th, 2022

Free agency is underway, and somewhat underwhelming. But there are still things to discuss.

  • I’ll never understand the sentiment that Darnell Mooney can’t be a number one receiver in the NFL. In his rookie season, with a good Allen Robinson on the other side, he went 61-631-4. In his second season, with a terrible Allen Robinson on the other side, he saw those number leap to 81-1055-4, while developing a serious rapport with Justin Fields. Why do fans believe his ascension won’t continue?
    • Cooper Kupp’s second year: 40-566. His third year: 94-1161.
    • It took Stefon Diggs four seasons to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark.
    • Take a look at the progression of Davante Adams’ career in Green Bay.
  • This is not to suggest that Mooney profiles as a Justin Jefferson or J’Marr Chase – players with the tools to physically take over every game they play. But there are only a handful of those in the world. If Fields continues to feed Mooney, Mooney is going to produce at top of the league levels. And production, not profile, is what constitutes being a number one receiver in the NFL.
  • Pat O’Donnell has left the Bears for the Packers. This should provide you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the legendary leg of Matt Araiza at San Diego State. (This is a deep punter class.)

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