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| October 3rd, 2017

A Note on Mike Glennon

Despite the belief of many, I never had a dislike for Mike Glennon the person. I simply had no faith in Mike Glennon, NFL quarterback. And I am not in the business of sucking up to the Chicago Bears organization around here. They got their Glennon evaluation horribly wrong and I said that from the moment they inked the deal. Said it when many others were rushing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I’m elated to never write about him again.

Tweet of Monday

There were several players in the defensive meeting rooms comparing what they saw from Trubisky in practice to what they were seeing from Glennon in games. They were incredulous at times. Didn’t add up. That’s how you lose a locker room.

Read all of Adam Jahns’ thoughts on the decision to start Trubisky HERE.

Around the League Thoughts

Watched a lot of football Sunday. Some thoughts:

  • Pats have allowed 42, 20, 33, 33 in four games. How did Belichick let this defense get so downright awful? Couldn’t they use Chandler Jones? Or Akiem Hicks? In the same way front offices are hurting the careers of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, it’s remarkable how Tom Brady has bailed out Belichick’s evaluative missteps. Pats should probably have one win at this point.
  • There was a point during Houston v. Tennessee where I thought the NFL was changing before my eyes. Watson and Mariota were essentially playing a college game and damn was it exciting. Then Mariota got hurt. Why? Because the style they were playing is not sustainable in this league.
  • George Godsey and Bill O’Brien called a masterpiece for Deshaun Watson, catering the offensive game plan to what he does well. What I loved is how they used Watson’s running ability primarily down around the goal line, not out in the open field. Shorter runs in smaller spaces will limit the explosion in the hits he takes.
  • In a year it was thought the Jets would go 0-16 and draft their quarterback of the future, it’s a bit ironic that the Giants may scoop them and find Eli’s replacement.
  • I know why the Giants offense stinks. But why can’t they cover anybody?
  • Nick Folk can’t be the Bucs kicker next weekend. He almost single-footedly cost Tampa an easy win Sunday, leaving a touchdown of easy kicks on the table with dead shanks. If I were Tampa, I’d call the Niners and offer a mid-round draft pick for Robbie Gould. Bucs can win the NFC South. Why risk that with a shaky kicker?
  • Dallas can’t play defense.
  • Baltimore can’t play offense.
  • Not sure there’s ever been less athleticism on display at the quarterback position than Carson Palmer v. Brian Hoyer.

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Audibles From the Long Snapper: QB Cap Numbers, Charity Event Photos, Bears/Browns Stats & MORE!

| December 11th, 2013



Phil Emery wants to build a championship contender in 2014 and he knows that tying up too much money in a single position can drastically effect his ability to plug needs, mostly on the defensive side of the ball. If Emery franchises Jay Cutler, the cap number for next season is thought to be between 16 and 17 million. That money is a directly assault on the salary cap. Here’s a bit from a NFP post from Brad Biggs on the Aaron Rodgers deal:

Now, Rodgers is on the books for seven seasons – through 2019 – at a total of $130.75 million, an average of $18,678,571 per season. Probably the best part of the contract for the team is the salary cap numbers never get out of whack. That is good for Rodgers too because those issues can lead to restructures and players getting cut. Here are his cap numbers through the life of the deal:

2013 $12 million
2014 $17.9 million
2015 $18.6 million
2016 $19.6 million
2017 $20.65 million
2018 $20.9 million
2019 $21.1 million

When Emery said he didn’t like the idea of using the tag on Jay Cutler in 2014 it was not because he didn’t want Jay Cutler on the roster for next season. Emery knows a long-term extension with Cutler affords him cap wiggle room and opens the door for mid-contract restructures to fit players when necessary. If the Bears franchise Cutler and pay Josh McCown the 2-3 million he’s earned this season, they would have a larger cap hit at quarterback than the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers in 2014.

I will reiterate what I’ve said since the Cutler/McCown conversation began. I believe both will be back next year and I think the Bears will have the league’s best quarterbacks room. Or as Potash wrote in his Sun-Times piece, “It’s a new era in Chicago. Krenzel/Hutchinson is a problem. Cutler/McCown is a luxury. The Bears have bigger issues with three games to go.”

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Two New Charities Join Our Otis Wilson Charity Event Sunday Night in Wicker Park

| December 4th, 2013


The co-sponsor of Sunday night’s event to benefit the Otis Wilson Charitable Organization is called Art of Men. Art of Men is a soon-to-launch digital platform that pairs the knowledge, experience and expertise of men with good works projects in their communities. Art of Men does not ask men to donate their money. They ask men to donate themselves; to donate their time. (To see video of Art of Men’s work with senior centers in NYC and the New York Yankees, CLICK HERE.)

Art of Men will be gathering volunteers Sunday night for two Chicago-based organizations desperate for the assistance. (For full event details, CLICK HERE.)


Common Pantry is Chicago’s oldest, continually-operating food pantry. On Friday December 20th they are receiving a shipment of more than 3,000 pounds of food to be served to the city’s neediest citizens. Their problem? They lack the man power (about ten people!) to unload the trucks and organize the food. From an email I received from the pantry’s Executive Director:

We are confirmed for the food drive pickup on December 20th.  It will be at Lane Tech High School at 10am.  The school is at 3500 N. Western Ave. We can have volunteers meet at the pantry (3744 N. Damen Ave) around 9:45a and then head over to the school.  It is only about a mile away from the pantry.  The process should last about 2 hours.  I have confirmed a large truck to use for transporting the food, volunteers will just need a vehicle to transport themselves (we can definitely car pool).

We’ll be signing up volunteers at the event and contacting them in the days after.


This is a truly unique organization to benefit Chicago’s veterans, providing educational and employment services to veterans facing economic hardships. Many organizations service the mental/physical needs of returning vets (though nowhere near to the extent they should) but LNVB helps them transition back into the working world. Here is an appearance the organization did on Windy City Live:

What we are attempting to mobilize is 2-3 individuals to work with veterans on mentor level. We’d like two or three men to meet regularly with a veteran or two and provide guidance on all those elements that aid in the transition to the working world: resumes/cover letters, interview approach…etc.

It is going to be a terrific night. I hope many of you will join us and help us make Chicago a better place to live.


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DaBearsBlog Still Has a Few Complimentary Tickets to Sunday Night’s Otis Wilson Charity Event in Wicker Park!

| December 3rd, 2013

Thanks to Bears beat writer Adam Jahns our event received some promotion from Emily McFarlan Miller in the Sun-Times:

Did No Shave November work out really well for you?

Have you been looking for an opportunity to bust out your favorite sweater vest and stogie?

Then have we got an event for you: The Mike Ditka Look-a-like Competition at 8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, at Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The event, presented by DaBearsBlog and Art of Men, will benefit the Otis Wilson Charitable Association. It also includes a Christmas toy drive and a performance by the Black Oil Brothers.

Anyone can enter the Mike Ditka Look-a-like Competition, and each entrant will get a moment to walk the stage for celebrity judges, including 1985 Super Bowl champion Otis Wilson and Bears legend James “Big Cat” Williams, according to the event page on Ticketfly. The winner will receive two tickets to the Chicago Bears v. Dallas Cowboys game on Monday, Dec. 9, where the Bears will retire Ditka’s No. 89 jersey at halftime, it said.

Anyone who brings a toy to donate to the Christmas toy drive at the event also will be eligible to win an signed Otis Wilson jersey, it said.

The Otis Wilson Charitable Association provides an all-inclusive health and fitness program for at-risk youth to educate and empower them to lead healthy lifestyles, according to its website.


After the jump you can once again experience the event’s amazing poster art…

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DaBearsBlog & Bears Legend Otis Wilson Team for Charitable Event: Sunday Night December 8th!

| October 24th, 2013


DaBearsBlog will be co-hosting a charitable benefit in Chicago on Sunday night, December 8th with Bears legend Otis Wilson.

The event will be co-hosted by a new organization called Art of Men (pairing men with volunteer projects across the country) and raise money for the Otis Wilson Charitable Association. TICKETS WILL ONLY BE $20 and will include drink deals. All proceeds will go directly to the OWCA.


To celebrate the following evening’s Mike Ditka number retirement ceremony, we’ll be hosting a:

Mike Ditka Look-a-Like/Impersonation Contest.

Come dressed in your best Mike Ditka costume and bring your best Grabowski-laced voice.

Celebrity judges will include Super Bowl Champion Otis Wilson and other members of the 1985 Chicago Bears. 

Contest winner will receive two tickets to the Monday night Bears game vs. the Dallas Cowboys, including the Ditka jersey number retirement ceremony at halftime.

There will also be a Christmas toy drive and various raffles for Bears-related memorabilia as well as large screens showing the Sunday night game featuring the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons.


Sunday Night, December 8th

Doors Open at 7:00 pm.


Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Wicker Park

To visit the venue’s website, click here.


Tickets will be available for purchase in the next week or so through the Double Door’s website. I will update when that time comes. For any questions regarding the event, please email me: jeff@dabearsblog.

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