Offense Blows Home Opener: Rapid Fire Responses to a Terrible Loss

| September 8th, 2014

No picture. Nothing fun. Let’s get right to the thoughts…

  • Don’t blame the defense for this one. The Bears should never lose a game at home wherein they allow 20 points in regulation.
  • Jay Cutler was exhausting and terrible, I don’t care how many yards and touchdown passes he throws. (1) The interception to Kevin Williams is inexcusable. You don’t throw a pass halfway across the field, across your body, into traffic, when you need ONE YARD! You simply don’t do it if you’re a championship level quarterback. (2) The way he managed the end of regulation was deplorable. Why on 2nd and 1 from the Buffalo 19 is he throwing jump balls to covered receivers? Move the ball closer. Get the clock stopped. Give yourself three solid chances in the end zone. Instead he played like there was a twenty-five foot stone wall erected at the Bills 19. (3) He should have had 2-3 more interceptions over the course of the game.

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