An Ex-Pro Personnel Man Breaks Down the Current Roster (Via Text)

| May 7th, 2018

He’s bored. He’s currently unemployed (but not for long). So I asked my buddy, who was formerly the head pro personnel man for an NFL franchise, to break down the Bears roster. Here it is.

Quarterback: “Our college guys loved Trubisky. What he put on tape last year was unimpressive but if he can’t succeed with that staff and the talent they’ve acquired, it’s going to be on him.”

Running Back: “The strength of the roster.”

Receivers & Tight Ends: “As individuals, they are all talented. But that group has to play like a group. They have to be unselfish. They have to work hard for each other. And it’ll be interesting to see if Nagy can get those new boys, some making A LOT of money, to do that.”

Offensive Line: “I question the tackles, on the right side more than the left, and really only in the passing game. But Nagy and Helfrich are going to get the ball out of the quarterback’s hand much quicker than last season and those guys can hold up for 2-3 seconds. Underrated group.”

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