Bears at Redskins Game Preview Volume II: The Football Stuff (Mostly)

| September 20th, 2019

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

And I think they will build off the miracle. (See yesterday’s column.)

Trite, Boring Thoughts on the Washington Football Team

  • Redskins are simply not very good on defense.
    • They are giving up 168 yards per game on the ground through two weeks, better only than the Dolphins – who are not a professional football team. If there were ever a week for the Bears to get their run game going, it has to be Monday night.
    • When one watches Washington tape it’s remarkable how many open receivers they allow. Opponents are completing nearly 79% of their passes against them. 79%!! And they have been brutalized by the deep ball. The Bears can’t take a conservative approach with their passing attack. They have to force the Washington secondary to chase the football because they’ve shown no ability to do so effectively yet.
    • Only the Denver Broncos (0) have fewer sacks than the Redskins (2) so this is not a game Trubisky should spend under duress. This is a week the Bears offensive line needs to put on their backs.
  • Two things positive for the Redskins:
    • While the outcomes have been bad, they have actually been competitive early in both of their games, especially the opener against Philly.
    • Case Keenum looks comfortable running Jay Gruden’s offense and is statistically off to a flying start. I didn’t know much about Terry McLaurin and Trey Quinn but they look like solid, professional pass catchers on the tape.

Great D.C. Movie Scenes, Volume I

Tweet of the Week

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Bears at Redskins Game Preview Volume I: The Call to Arms

| September 19th, 2019

“Put in their hands thy bruising irons of wrath,
That they may crush down with heavy fall
The usurping helmets of our adversaries.”

-Shakespeare, Richard III

It was a miracle.

You know it.

I know it.

A miracle.

The Bears were beaten in Denver and their fans were emotionally bruised in barrooms across the country. There was a funereal silence at Bar 43 in Sunnyside, Queens. You could almost hear a buffalo wing as it crashed to the floor, sauce gently spraying onto the lower legs of white jeans.

Then it happened.

A weird call.

A brilliant play.

A kicker makes a kick.

Club Dub.

Now…keep it going, Bears.

Build on the miracle.

Was Sunday in Denver a great performance? Of course not.

The offense was putrid again and until those final moments it didn’t even seem to be trying to move the ball down the field.

If the Broncos had three more possessions in the game they would have scored three more touchdowns. That’s how gassed the defense was.

But they won.

They tallied the totals after an hour and the Bears had more.

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