Mock Mock Draft 3.0

| April 26th, 2016


Shit happened since the last Mock Mock draft, huh? The first two picks were traded, the third and fourth picks are huge question marks and the previous consensus top pick could plummet. Oh, and the top linebacker supposedly has a bum knee that will prevent him from having a long career. Shit definitely happened.

The Rams and Eagles made big moves for quarterbacks who definitely aren’t consensus top picks. Hell, one of them was thought of as a late-round sleeper last December. That caused a huge shakeup in the top 10 picks, but probably doesn’t effect the Bears pick too much.

The final Mock Mock Draft is going to have some pretty big changes from last time. At least, I think it will, I don’t even remember who I had going where. Shit, I don’t even remember who I had the Bears picking.

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Chicago Bears Big Board 2.0

| April 25th, 2016


All the homework is done and the Bears are just left waiting to see who is there for them to pick. By now, they have a list of players they think might be available and have them ranked on their board, but nobody has access to that list outside of John Fox and Ryan Pace. So, here’s my best guess.

First, a few things I considered:

• The best player available thing is just GM talk. They look at positions of need and this list will reflect that.

• I won’t pretend to be a scout, so my “scouting reports” are based heavily on things actual scouts (current and former) have said. I do a ton of research on the draft prospects and put more weight on what those who do the job for a living say than the guy with 1,563 Twitter followers.

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The Possibilities at Eleven: Volume IV

| April 21st, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.55.27 AM

Prospect Profile: Joey Bosa, Edge, Ohio State

Pros: Considered the best edge prospect in the draft. Very strong at the point of attack, with great technique. Should be able to be an impact player Day One and considered a top-five talent.

Cons: Not the kind of guy who’s going to lead the league in sacks every year. He’s a good athlete, but not great. Certainly isn’t JJ Watt or even a smaller version of JJ Watt. Doesn’t add speed to the Bears defense.

Summary: No use taking a lot of time to over-think this one. Bosa should go very high and likely will. He may not get 15 sacks a year, but he should regulary eight eight-to-10 while setting the edge against the run.

Jeff’s Thought: I think the Bears (and Bears fans) would be thrilled if the team has an opportunity to take Bosa. The JJ Watt comparisons are being made for one reason: he’s white. Does every white guy have to get compared to JJ Watt?

Prospect Profile: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State

Pros: Considered a complete back. He can catch passes, block and make people miss. Very good size and speed ratio. Doesn’t look like he’s 225 pounds, but he was great in short-yardage.

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