Chris Borland & Four Other Non-First Round Draft Prospects Who Tickle My Fancy [VIDEOS]

| May 1st, 2014


Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin

  • If Borland did not have serious medical concerns surrounding the possibility of a third surgery, I truly believe he could have snuck his way into the tail end of the first round.
  • His size draws comparisons to Zach Thomas and that is EXACTLY who he plays like. There is not a linebacker in this draft who does a finer job at sniffing out the ball carrier and closing on him. When you watch Borland, you see a man born to play middle linebacker. And born middle linebackers belong in Chicago.
  • ESPN’s Brian Bennett did a brilliant profile of Borland in October. One of my favorite quotes: There are times when he’ll make a big play at practice, and then as he’s jogging back, he’ll do a backflip,” defensive coordinator Dave Aranda said. “That’s Chris.” Read the entire profile by CLICKING HERE.
  • Borland’s style of play suggests that even if he struggled at LB he could be one of the best special teams men in the sport.
  • From a human perspective, a rooting perspective, there is not a player in this draft I’d be happier to see in a Bears uniform.

De’Anthony Thomas, RB/WR/KR, Oregon

  • Bears have three “offensive production” needs: Forte backup/scat back, speed threat on the outside and kick returner. Thomas fills all three needs with one body. (Though I’m not sure how many carries I’d give him.)

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Around the League Tweets – April 10th 2014!

| April 10th, 2014

ATL Tweets

Around the League Tweets, A Tradition Unlike Any Other. 1 of 10. Is there one football fan who see the Draft Day ads & sprints to Fandango?

Side note: I look forward to seeing this film in two and a half years on TNT.

2 of 10. Can people stop with the anti-Mike Vick petitions? I wouldn’t root for him under ANY circumstances but he has right to earn living.

Side note: How can people identifying themselves as liberal, a majority of the PETA-friendly base, not agree with this concept? The man went to jail. Prison. With scary guys everywhere. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy but he does deserve the opportunity.

3 of 10. Just because the Pro Bowl out rated the other shitty professional all-star games on TV doesn’t make it NOT shitty. It IS shitty.

4 of 10. NFL should not only release preseason schedule. They should release $ they’re stealing from STHs forced to buy worthless product.

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