Bears Dominate Rams on the Road: Rapid Fire Recap

| November 16th, 2015


Did anyone see this coming? Did anyone see the Bears going into an opposing stadium and thoroughly dominating the home team? Seriously. Any home team. The Bears were underdogs by more than a touchdown and played like Super Bowl contenders. It was impressive. Rapid fire…

– Jeremy Langford is a star. Speed, toughness, the works. If you wondered if Matt Forte was returning in 2016, you can stop wondering. Langford and Carey are a solid 1-2 punch in the backfield.

– Jay Cutler just continued to do what he’s done all season, except Sunday he was able to pile up some stats to support his excellent play. What’s been most remarkable about Cutler’s season is he is doing all this with a makeshift offensive line and without his receiving corps ever being healthy at the same time.

– Shea McClellin looked as good at middle linebacker as he’s looked all year – attacking the line of scrimmage and tackling in the hole. Easy to see what Fox and Fangio like so much about him at the position.

– McClellin’s strip of Tre Mason remind you of anyone? Sure as hell did for me.

– Zach Miller is one hell of a player. Here’s hoping he can stay on the field the rest of the season.

– Told people last week that when studying the Rams one thing pops off the screen: Nick Foles stinks. He sure does. How many open receivers does he miss by five yards?

– Tracy Porter closes on the football as well as any corner I’ve seen in Chicago.

– When Kyle Fuller has his eyes on the quarterback he’s an entirely different player.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him paired with Amos at safety next year.

– Marc Mariani can’t be returning kicks against the Broncos. Bears should probably cut him but how can they with their current depth at wide receiver?

– Neither was impressive overall yesterday but Lamarr Houston and Willie Young made plays. People seem to love this Sam Acho character but Houston and Young are better players.

– Do me a favor, fans. Next summer. Don’t bring up Marquess Wilson’s name. He’s a fourth wide receiver. And maybe not even that.

– From watching Alshon Jeffery, fair to say he played at about 60%. Gutsy performance.

– Lord, is Aaron Donald good. He’s not blockable.

Overall it was a remarkable performance. Short-handed, on the road, against one of the league’s best defenses. If 2015 was about building optimism for the future, Sunday achieved that. The Bears are well-coached and have young, developing talent at key positions. Things are going in the right direction.

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