Bears Fall Short in Indy: Rapid Fire

| October 10th, 2016

Hard game to get emotional about. But there’s things to talk about so let’s talk about them.

  • Brian Hoyer played a terrific game for a backup quarterback. But when your team racks up 500+ yards and scores only 23 points, it’s time to start asking why. Hoyer doesn’t extend plays with his legs. He doesn’t throw the ball to the Bears best player (for some bizarre reason). And…he’s just limited. Jay Cutler wins Sunday’a game. And I happen to believe he wins it by a couple of touchdowns.
  • Hoyer dinks and dunks. His drives take 10-12 plays to get into the end zone. Those drives can be derailed entirely by one mistake or penalty. Penalties told the story of the game.
  • John Fox, through five games, is having a rough season. Challenges, timeouts, personnel decisions…etc. One has to wonder if he has any feel for this roster right now. Sadly, Fox can’t be properly evaluated until the actual team is on the field.
  • Why would you bench Bryce Callahan? Let the kid learn on the field. He was playing a solid game yesterday.
  • Terrific performance from Cameron Meredith. The fumble was bad, and cost the Bears the game, but his emergence was far more significant.

  • Jordan Howard gets more yards then he should out of every carry.
  • On the final play of the game, Jeffery could not have been more open. And Hoyer never even considered throwing the ball his way. Think about that. Cutler’s first look is always Jeffery because Jeffery is great and Cutler knows that. Jeffery = points.
  • Does Pat O’Donnell ever drop a punt inside the ten? Does he ever kill the opponent in the field position battle? It seems like every one of his punts comes down at the 20 and massively returnable.
  • Connor Barth. How long is this going to continue? And Fox can’t rationalize his misses by saying he’s not good from 50+. If he can’t make em, why is he attempting em? Barth was an error. Bears are compounding that error weekly.
  • Sam Acho plays hard.
  • Bears needed a performance like that from Willie Young but there’s still a lack of consistent pass rush and quarterbacks like Andrew Luck will eat your lunch with a safe pocket.
  • Especially when you cover T.Y. Hilton with linebackers. How is THAT possible?

If Cutler doesn’t return, every game will look like yesterday’s.

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