The Worst Team in Football

| September 26th, 2016


There is no need for rapid fire reactions. No need to dissect the individual quarters, drives, plays, moments. The Bears were bad under Jay Cutler. They are unwatchable under Brian Hoyer. This is now solidly and without debate the worst team in the NFL.

The flashes of young talent we saw last night from White, Whitehair, Howard, Kwiatkoski, Amos…etc. are now all this season is about. The Bears must spend the next 13 games answering one question at every single position: do we have a winning player here?

At many positions, including some of the game’s most pivotal, the answer is no. Not even close. And through three weeks, that certainly goes for the head coach and both his coordinators as well.

The Bears aren’t a year away from contending. They’re a year away from being legitimate.

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