A Four-Quarter Game Prediction For Super Bowl 53

| February 1st, 2019

Quarter One

This game starts fast. Both of these offensive coaching staffs thrive on the two weeks of preparation and script out the first 15-20 plays to perfection. Tom Brady does it with his trademark short passing game, exploiting the Rams underneath with a ton of James White. Jared Goff hits the Pats secondary over the top. Call it Brandin Cooks for a 54-yard TD. Three possessions. Three touchdowns.

Score: 14-7 Patriots

Quarter Two

Things slow down. Both offenses try and get their running games established, to limited success. Goff makes the first major mistake as halftime approaches, tossing an interception to Stephon Gilmore, and setting up the Pats for an easy score and a comfortable half-time lead.

Score: 28-14 Patriots



Quarter Three

This Rams team has fight in them and the New England defense isn’t good enough to shut them down for four quarters. Rams get an early seven from Todd Gurley and then – after a long Patriots drive – Aaron Donald strip sacks Brady for the game’s most important defensive moment. Rams score quickly.

Score: 28-28

Quarter Four

The game is tied.

Then it’s not.

At 28-28, Greg the Leg kicks the ball to Cordarrelle Patterson and like that the game is 35-28. Patterson has been one of the more amazing resurrection projects of the Belichick era. And it just feels like he’s going to make the play that ultimately wins the Pats their 6th Super Bowl.

There’s a little drama late as both teams trade field goals. But the Rams don’t have enough.

Final Score: 38-31 Pats

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