Week Eleven: Bears at Rams Game Preview

| November 14th, 2019

L.A. Story (1991) – My favorite L.A. film

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

And I have nothing else to do on Sunday night. Do you?

Rama Lama Ding Dong (Rams Facts)

  • The Rams offense is broken. Literally. Center Brian Allen is out for the year. Right tackle Rob Havenstein is out multiple weeks. Brandin Cooks is still not recovered from brain injury and should really be put on the shelf for the duration of 2019, if not longer. They won’t have time to protect the quarterback. They won’t have a threat deep down the field. This is a run the ball/short passing offense now. (And it’s struggling in those two departments as well.)
  • Very few times this season will the Bears not have a significant disadvantage at the quarterback position. This is one of those weeks because statistically (and visually) Jared Goff just isn’t playing very well. But at least Sean McVay will still be utilizing the entirety of his playbook. Matt Nagy will not.
  • These two defenses are basically the same. They:
    • Pressure the quarterback at almost identical rates (26-25 Rams in the sack count)
    • Hold opposing QBs to sub-90 rating.
    • Yield roughly identical numbers in yards per game, yards per completion and completion percentage.
    • Defend the run game at clips of (a) Rams – 3.3/90.8 and (b) Bears – 3.7/94.

Tweet of the Week (from last week)

The Player (1992) – My second favorite L.A. film

Game Prediction in Five Stats

  • Trubisky will throw two interceptions, minimum. One will lead to a short-field TD for the Rams.
  • Goff will complete between 65% of his passes because McVay is not going to drop him more than three steps unless he’s desperate late.
  • Aaron Donald will have 2.5 sacks. Khalil Mack will have 3.
  • Gurley will out-gain Montgomery on the ground, 93-81. Neither will average more than 4 yards per carry.
  • The Bears will score on defense. And it’ll be Kyle Fuller.

Chicago Bears 13, Los Angeles Rams 10

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