Bears Steal One in Detroit: Non-Trubisky Rapid Fire

| September 14th, 2020

[NOTE: Reader “sactown#1” guessed that Trubisky passer rating on the number, 104.2. Please email me and we’ll coordinate your prize package from Lou Malnati’s.]

Yesterday, on Twitter, was dedicated almost entirely to Mitch Trubisky. So today let’s spread out the commentary beyond the QB, knowing full well he’ll remain the focal point moving forward.

This tape should be shown to the defense on loop all week. So many mistakes, it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Poor performance generally from the defense but that was to be expected. This was the first live game action for the group and there were many new pieces.
  • Both Kyle Fuller and Jaylon Johnson has me great moments but both let interceptions go through their fingertips down near the goal line. Can’t happen. Have to make those plays.
  • Danny Trevathan looked awfully slow.
  • Akiem Hicks was downright invisible until the fourth quarter.
  • Without Robert Quinn active the pass rush was 2019 all over again. Khalil Mack fighting through doubles and triples while nothing happens on the other side. (Mack still won many of those battles.) Bears need Quinn.
  • Matthew Stafford played a terrific game. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that. Biggest mistake Lions made was taking the game out of his hands late.
  • Saw a lot of positive things from Bilal Nichols.
  • Barkevious Mingo was more active than I imagined he would be.

  • Bears tight ends were as advertised. Accurate passes and all three would have had potential touchdown.
  • Run game reborn! Yes it’s just the Lions but the running attack had toughness and commitment. It also had unpredictability.
  • Juan Castillo’s debut as OL coach proved what good coaches can do. The line was better at absolutely everything.
  • The Darnell Mooney reports were true. Involved from first snap. Bears think they have something special.
  • Bears have their best receiving corps in years. Allen Robinson is a star. Anthony Miller is becoming one. Mooney, Ginn and Wims are terrific complementary pieces.
  • Why would anyone kick off to Cordarrelle Patterson?
  • When will Tarik Cohen learn how to effectively use the fair catch?
  • Game note: Jonathan Vilma needs to spend less time explaining what he wants the football game to be, and more time analyzing what the football game is. He also should learn some of the player names.
  • Referee note: get your mask game sorted, boys. We’re 6 months into this pandemic, you should know how to exist with a mask.
  • Jamie Collins’ disqualification was one of the strangest I’ve ever seen. He was laughing the whole time. And the ref seemed to lean into it.
  • Matt Patricia looks 50 pounds heavier than last season. It’s just not healthy.
  • Run, Mitch, run!! (Had to put one Mitch comment in.)

All that matters early in the season are wins and losses. Bears stole a W in Detroit.

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